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    Visiting the New Fortress in Corfu

    Entrance into the complex is free of charge, and a visitor could easily while away an afternoon exploring the ruins and enjoying the commanding view from the top of the fortress. You can certainly stroll here on your own, but it is also a good idea to take a tour if possible, especially if you...
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    Ikaria is the best place to visit to avoid crowds during Covid

    Maintaining a safe distance is really important in Greece because Greeks don't have an amazing health care system and the population is really old. I only recommend visiting Greece if you're vaccinated and planning on staying very safe, wearing your mask, and social distancing. Ikaria is a...
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    Columbus, Ohio Greek festival in September!

    Columbus is hosting a Greek festival in September! Check it out: https://rove.me/to/ohio/columbus-greek-festival Hopefully all of the social distancing restrictions will be lifted by then and it will be safe to attend the festival as normal
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    Have you backpacked through Greece?

    One of my sons is considering backpacking through Europe and Greece. I have no idea about camping or backpacking...do you have any tips for going in Greece?
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    Spending one day in Thessaloniki

    Wondering what to do on a one day trip to Thessaloniki? Check out this one day vlog. What would you do if you had one day in Thessaloniki?
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    Best hidden spot in Mykonos

    The best hidden spot in Mykonos (well I hope it's hidden) is a bar/restaurant called 180 degrees! The views are just stunning and the setup of the tables is so cool, you sit on puffs on the floor with low laying tables 180° Sunset Bar Mykonoshttps://180.bar
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    How much should I tip in Greece?

    I know that tipping culture is changing a bit in Europe....how much should I be tipping in Greece?
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    What are the best water sports to do in Santorini?

    I know Santorini isn't known for water sports, but do you have any recommendations about where I can do water sports and which types are most popular on the island?
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    Do I need a license to rent and drive ATVs in Mykonos?

    I was discussing renting bikes in another thread with fellow worldwide Greeks users and it got me thinking...what is the process of renting ATVs in Mykonos?
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    What types of things can I see at the Ataturk museum in Thessaloniki?

    Does anyone know what type of artifacts are on display at the Ataturk museum? My friend from Thessaloniki said that I have to visit
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    Does anyone know if the annual festivals in Thessaloniki will be happening this year?

    I always look forward to festivals like the Thessaloniki International Fair, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the International Book Fair. Does anyone know if they'll be happening this year?
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    The best beach in Crete is Nea Chora!

    What do you think?
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    Who built Mon Repos Palace in Corfu?

    I was browsing potential sites to visit in Corfu and I notices that Mon Repos Palace has very different architecture from different buildings in the area and Greece in general. As you can see it has a point at the entrance which I've never seen before. Does anyone know why this is?
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    What are your preparations for Holy Week?

    What do you have planned? My family and I will be attending socially distanced church service and painting eggs! :) I'm so excited, I love this time of year
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    What can the kids do in Crete?

    Any tips on what the little ones can do while on vacation in Crete? We're visiting Chania and Iraklo and I want them to be entertained. Thanks!
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    Mille feuille is one of my favourite non-Greek (but found everywhere in Greece) desserts

    I just love getting mille feuille at the Greek bakeries! I tried making at home this quarantine and it was so good!! I thought it would be nice to share the recipe here: https://akispetretzikis.com/categories/glyka/milfeig
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    What is the easiest way to travel to Kefalonia?

    Has anyone been to Kefalonia before? What's the most efficient and cost effective way to get there? Thanks
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    Why does Rhodes have castles?

    Does anyone know a bit about the history of Rhodes? I'm planning my trip and I didn't realize that there are so many castles on the island. Does anyone know why?
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    What is the history of philotimo?

    It's crazy to think that something I've come to value so much about modern Greek people is actually from the ancient Greeks. Does anyone know where, when or from whom the concept of philotimo emerged in Ancient Greece?
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    What are the most famous/best Santorini wines?

    Any wine recommendations for Santorini? I’ll be visiting soon and I want to see what all the hype is about and get a taste of the wines from the source!! Any winery tips would also be appreciated!