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    Did you know about the Greek New Years tradition of hanging onions on doors?

    In Greece, there are many different New Year's traditions and some of them vary by location and the specific culture of the region. Most of them bring good luck and health for the new year, especially this onion tradition. Across all of Greece, families will hang a yellow onion on their door as...
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    What are the best places to travel to in Greece with a large family?

    My family is pretty huge! We're 12 people altogether and would love to go somewhere that is safe and good for big families. The kids aren't too young, the youngest is 10 so they can don't have to be supervised very closely. I am looking for a hotel that has a pool and is preferably by the beach...
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    Did you use fake or real flowers at your wedding?

    I am helping plan my cousin's wedding in Greece next year, and I am wondering if you have all used fake or real flowers at your weddings. I see many trends of people using fake flowers, and clean that they are much cheaper and overall easier to get than a real flowers. Is this a case in Greece...
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    What does saganaki mean?

    One of the things that always confused me was how cheese saganaki and shrimp sagani both exist! It makes no sense to me...how are the both cooked "saganaki" when they're totally different? I was always under the impression that saganaki meant fried but shrimp saganaki does not look fried. Am I...
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    How to add quinoa to Greek recipes for more protein

    Quinoa is a fantastic ingredient because it packs so much protein and it has a mild flavor so it can be added to anything! My favorite thing to do is substitute it with any recipe that has bulgar such as salads. This is really great for those that are gluten sensitive, because quinoa does not...
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    Have you ever heard of this Greek wedding tradition?

    One of the cutest Greek wedding traditions is when the bride writes her best friends names on the bottom of her shoe. The saying goes that which ever name gets rubbed off the bottom of the shoe by the end of the night is the girl who will get married next. This is such a sweet tradition, and I...
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    How to make a Greek evil eye cocktail

    This idea is SO FUN! I would love to make these cocktails to kick off my next trip to Greece with my girlfriends! The recipe requires a few ingredients that you might have on hand if you're a cocktail master. It's not a traditionally Greek recipe, but that's what you get when you want a cocktail...
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    To Kokkino Potami is the best historical Greek TV show

    To Kokkino Potami (Red River) is the best tv show in Greece at the moment! It's super high budget and has amazing Greek actors. The show has only one season and follows the story of the Greek genocide and specifically Pontians (Greek ethnic group) that happened throughout the 1900's. The show is...
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    Resources for tracking covid in Greece

    This is for all of my fellow travellers and for those who live in Greece and have loved ones in Greece. It's really hard to find good resources these days, and I tend to get overwhelmed with everything that's going on in the news, so I like to have a few websites in my back pocket when I want to...
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    Kefalonia has a brand new and sustainable wind farm!

    I am so happy the Greece is becoming more sustainable because we deserve it! There is so much great innovation that is coming out of Greece like this new wind farm in Kefalonia! It reminds me of the classic wind mills that I have seen in Mykonos and all over Greece. It is great that Greece is...
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    What is your favorite itinerary for a 1 week family trip to Greece?

    If you were to plan the perfect vacation to Greece with kids, what would you recommend? I am looking for something exciting with lots of sightseeing and activities, and of course, the beach! I like to take my sons to some museums and cultural centres because I like to keep them educated and...
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    Did you know that Christmas has some Ancient Greek roots?

    Even though it is a Christian holiday, in December, the ancient Greeks celebrated the birth of Dionysus, calling him “Savior” and “divine infant” and there are many similarities of this holiday and Christmas the way it is celebrated today such as singing carols. This is where I found out about...
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    Go to these hidden gems in Athens!

    I love seeing the path less traveled on while on vacation
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    Beautiful pictures of Mykonos 😍

    Mykonos is so pretty all times of the year 😍
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    Simple and smoky grilled octopus thats Greek style

    I love grilled octopus. I like to make it with the whole head, and I know that some people don't like to prepare it that way, but I don't like to waste food. I make my octopus using a super simple marinade, just olive oil, lemon, sea salt, oregano, pepper and vinegar.
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    Look at these beautiful sunsets in Mykonos!

    I love watching the sunset cast over the island 😍
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    Oxi day is coming up soon! How are you all celebrating?

    This is one of the most historical Greek holidays that I admire so much! How is everyone celebrating? :) Happy almost Oxi day
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    Is it more difficult to island hop in Greece because of covid?

    What has been everyones experience? Should I stick to one island instead of jumping around?
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    Does anyone have a good recipe for trigona Thessalonikis?

    I love anything almond flavored and would love to make these at home!! Please tell me if anyone has a great recipe, I would love to try it out
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    Did you know about the fountain of youth in Greek mythology?

    Many different cultures have fountain of youths in their folklor. And the fountain appears many times in Greek mythology. One place where it appears is with Hebe. Hebe was the Greek mythological goddess who represented youth, and she was also the cupbearer of the gods on Mount Olympus. Since she...