1. d_kakavouli

    How to make thick and creamy Santorini fava!

    Santorini fava is a classic staple in Santorini cuisine, and it has spread all over Greece. The dish is very simple to make, and taste even better when you use high-quality ingredients like Greek olive oil. It is a very budget friendly meal, and can stay in the fridge for a few days without...
  2. d_kakavouli

    How to make juicy Greek style lamb burgers!

    This is one of my own creations that is so tasty! I'm not really the type to measure, so please take my advice with a grain of salt and use whatever measurements you feel comfortable with or that you find online. I like to make my lamb burgers with lean ground lamb meat. I find that lamb meat is...
  3. d_kakavouli

    Tips on making your trip to the Acropolis kid friendly!

    Many activities in Greece can be kid friendly, as long as you make some minor adjustments. The acropolis is a great place to visit but it can get a bit tiring for young kids who don't like being in the sun or walking up a lot of stairs. My first recommendation is to go very early in the morning...
  4. d_kakavouli

    What is your favorite vegan Greek appetizer?

    I'm having a couple of friends over next weekend, and many of them are vegan. What are some good Greek appetizers that are vegan or can be made vegan? I've been doing some googling and many people say that there are quite a few vegan Greek recipes because many Greek people essentially eat vegan...
  5. d_kakavouli

    Rizinia is a lost ancient city in Crete

    Over the years, there have been many texts that talk about ancient city in Crete called Rizinia. The existence of the city was unable to be confirmed from archeological artefacts until the 1900s when Italian archeologists found remnants of the city. Many of the artefacts from the sites are found...
  6. d_kakavouli

    The history of dressing for apokries (Greek carnival)

    Apokries is the Greek carnival that happens right before Holy Lent, so it changes every year. It is sort of similar to Halloween....but not really. Comparing it to Halloween is really the best way to describe it to someone who is from a country that does not have this celebration. Dressing up in...
  7. d_kakavouli

    Is there any good brand of packaged baklava?

    I haven't heard of this brand, thank you. I will be on the lookout next time I go to Greece.
  8. d_kakavouli

    Kalley Mera Kalllo Mina....Proto Mayo.... Kalllo Kalllo Kerry!❤️🇬🇷

    How could I forget about protomagia! Happy May everyone!
  9. d_kakavouli

    How many people know Ancient Greek?

    I have never heard of this!! How cool that there are people who still speak some parts of Ancient Greek. I would love to hear it spoken some day if I were to visit some of these villages some day.
  10. d_kakavouli

    What do you recommend for a three day trip to Santorini?

    Great advice. The folklore museum is wonderful
  11. d_kakavouli

    How to make Greek eggs with zucchini!

    Zucchini is one of the most popular vegetables in Greece! I love using it in my omelet to get some healthy fiber and vitamins at the beginning of the day. Making this omelet is super easy, all you need to do is oil a pan and sauté some cut up zucchini. After all of the water has left the...
  12. d_kakavouli

    How to make Greek fish croquettes

    Fish croquettes are so great and easy to make with pretty much any fish that you have one hand. I've seen people make fish croquettes with white fish such as halibut and other types of fish like salmon or trout. In my opinion, they taste best with lemon and salt on top but some people like to...
  13. d_kakavouli

    How to make homemade Greek yogurt!

    I've been getting into the kick of making things at home lately, especially as the prices in the grocery stores are just going up and up, and everything seems to be getting more and more and healthy and companies are adding more additives into their food. Making Greek yoghurt at home is super...
  14. d_kakavouli

    How to roast a whole lamb on the spit for Greek Easter

    This is probably one of the greatest feasts that you can ever take on as a Greek. Roasting a whole lamb on the spit is pretty complicated and difficult but it is so wroth it once it's done after a few hours. My recommendation is to become good friends with a butcher who will show you how to pick...
  15. d_kakavouli

    Have you ever thought to visit Corfus aquarium?

    Corfu has a wonderful aquarium that should definitely be on your itinerary when visiting the island. One of the best parts of the aquarium is that you're able to take an underwater cruise through a submarine that has glass where you can look through and see all of Greece's beautiful marine...
  16. d_kakavouli

    How good is the wifi at Greek hotels?

    One of the most frustrating things I found while travelling and working from home is finding good Wi-Fi at hotels. I've travelled quite a bit around the world ever since Covid hit, and I've been working from home which has been great. I would love to do the same thing in Greece, but I've never...
  17. d_kakavouli

    The best travel advice that I can give you

    Ever since covid, the best travel advice I can give anyone is to book your flights directly on the airline website. There have been far too many times when I have booked a flight through a third-party website such as Skyscanner or Booking.com. This has always backfired on me, and I've had to pay...
  18. d_kakavouli

    How to make stuffed figs!

    This is a super easy recipe! I usually make these during the winter time, since I always opt to eat fresh figs in the summer, especially if I'm in Greece. The first step is getting your hands on some high quality dried figs, you can find these at most speciality grocery stores and Greek/Middle...
  19. d_kakavouli

    The Stavros Niarchos center is a great place to take the kids

    The Stavros Niarchos cultural center is a great place to bring kids and the family. The architecture is amazing and there is a beautiful area to walk outside and enjoy the nature and views. The center is known for sustainability and innovation, and even has its own sustainability hub. There are...
  20. d_kakavouli

    Did you know that you can stay inside a windmill in Mykonos

    This seems to fun to stay in!! Would love to book this next year