1. xmelissaa

    Greek festival happening in May? Is it too good to be true?

    Hey everyone, I stumbled across this festival happening in Brockton, MA this May!! I was so shocked to see it. Is anyone planning on going? https://www.greekboston.com/event/festival-brockton-ma/
  2. xmelissaa

    My favorite winery in Corfu is Theotoky Estate Winery!

    The Theotoky Estate Winery is family owned the estate has been passed down for generations! The current owner of the winery, Georges Theotoky, took over the estate during the 1960s when commercial wine-making was almost non-existent in Greece. It has some of the best tasting wine and I can't...
  3. xmelissaa

    Is it worth going on a guided tour of Thessaloniki?

    Ugh I'm not really a fan of guided tours! In my experience they get a bit boring
  4. xmelissaa

    Angelokastro is the must see castle in the clouds!

    This place is so beautiful i'm adding it to my travel list! Angelokastro Castle is located at the highest point of Corfu near Krini. Angelokastro Castle is known for the domed gate at its entrance. The castle was built to help protect the residents from the Venetians and pirates from Africa.
  5. xmelissaa

    How can I do a Greek coffee reading?

    Hmmm that's so interesting. I wonder if I can learn from my family too. Is your family Alexandria, Egypt? My grandma was from there and she was very wise
  6. xmelissaa

    Best Greek dances and songs to play at Easter parties

    I love this playlist! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1Mw9olJJCn0jveVqMEWLEs
  7. xmelissaa

    Which island is best for a surprise birthday party?

    Hmmmm maybe Skopelos? It's so beautiful and pretty lowkey
  8. xmelissaa

    Is the Rhodes aquarium any different from other aquariums?

    How different could an aquarium truly be? I wouldn't suggest it
  9. xmelissaa

    The Daphne Monastery is beautiful!!

    There's the famous icon of theotokos Daphni!
  10. xmelissaa

    Did you know about Nemesis? The Greek goddess of revenge

    Ooooh she sounds super cool! I'll read up in her in my mythology books. Thanks! I haven't heard about her before
  11. xmelissaa

    Which island is best for a surprise birthday party?

    Hi everyone! My friend is turning 35 next year and we're planning a surprise trip for her to Greece! She loves wineries, exploring and fancy dinners. What island or destination is best for a group of 7 people to celebrate? Thanks in advance!
  12. xmelissaa

    What can the kids do in Crete?

    This blog is great for traveling with kids: https://globetotting.com/my-family-adventure-spring-time-in-crete-greece-with-kids/
  13. xmelissaa

    Where are the best places to experience the history of Rhodes?

    Filerimos monastery is amazing! The monastery itself is located near the lively village called Ialyssos. Filerimos Monastery was first built in the 15th century by the Knights of Saint John. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the monastery is well known for once housing the famous religious icon, the...
  14. xmelissaa

    What is the history of Eretria?

    Eretria means “city of the rowers”, and is located on the island of Euboea. Some of the artifacts are from the Neolithic period and the first known settlement was located and dated back to the Helladic period. The site was later abandoned in the Greek Dark Ages.
  15. xmelissaa

    Quiet vibes at Porto Rafti beach

    Porto Rafti beach is one the best beaches near Athens. It's so relaxing and super close to the airport! If you find yourself wanting a quick getaway from the city, Porto Rafti is the place to be
  16. xmelissaa

    What is the majority religion in Greece?

    What is the religous majority and what are the traditions?
  17. xmelissaa

    What is the best cheese for saganaki?

    What cheese do you guys use? Kefalotiri? Feta? or Kefalograviera?
  18. xmelissaa

    Where did Greece get the name "Greece"?

    When did we go from being "Hellens" to Greeks? Does anyone know the history of our name?
  19. xmelissaa

    Ideas for socially distanced Greek Easter games

    I would love to play some games during my families Greek Easter party since we can't dance kalamatiano or do anything that involves getting close and talking/dancing. Does anyone have ideas?
  20. xmelissaa

    Favorite Greek games?

    I'm feeling a little nostalgic today. My favorite Greek game is tavli (I love playing with Grandpa)! What is yours?