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    Should I get a Greek passport?

    You have a good point. It is difficult if you're not from there or aren't in the loop about the new laws and updates
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    What is the most traditional way to eat gyro?

    Same! I love the vegan gyro meat from Trader Joes!
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    Can I make gluten free pastitsio?

    Some people are allergic to gluten
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    Drop your Santorini sunset pics!

    This is the best one yet! Thanks for posting
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    What are some of the best young and trendy student hangouts in Athens?

    Exarcheia is a great student neighbourhood! That's where the most trendy coffee shops and restaurants are
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    I live on Rhodes & will answer any questions

    If i'm only going to Rhodes for two days, what are some things that I cannot miss?
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    Star beach water park in Crete

    I say skip the water park and visit the beach! It's natures water park
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    What are some old fashioned Greek wedding traditions?

    A traditional Greek weddign dance is the Syrtaki! Make sure the dj/band plays a nice traditional one so everyone can join in
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    What is your favorite Greek nursery rhyme?

    Here's a youtube video compilation
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    How can I make juicy Greek grilled chicken breast?

    Try marinating the chicken overnight for the best results! The longer it marinates the better and jucier it will be. Make sure you add lots of olive oil because chicken breast is very dry and will need fat in order to cook and not stick to the pan/grill
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    How was Byzantine Morea named?

    Yes! After the mulberries! Mulberry in greek is μούρο or mouro
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    Who is the son of Hercules and are there any stories about him?

    Does anyone know? I'm doing a bit of research on Hercules and his family, thanks :)
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    Why is Greek Easter on a different day every year?

    Because Greeks use a different calendar called the Gregorian calendar
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    What are the most beautiful churches to visit in Athens?

    Lycabettus is the best church! It's at the top of the hill and you have to use a cable car to get there but it's totally worth it
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    What is your favorite place to go to in Thessaloniki?

    The Ladadika district for sure!! It's one of my favorite places to go to and is super famous
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    What is the significance of crossing the labatha over the front door?

    Yes! Bringing the flames home from the church is supposed to bless the house
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    How are you spending your holy week?

    My family is going to be making tsourekia and dyeing red eggs! We're also making magiritsa together as a family on Saturday night :) I cant wait
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    The acropolis museum is the best blend of modern and ancient architecture!

    I love the acropolis museum! It's one of the best newer buildings in Greece! I'm so happy that they built such an amazing building to house all of our ancient artifacts
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    What are the best Greek Easter dishes for vegetarians?

    I suggest many different salads! I like to serve dakos and xoriatiki. In terms of vegeterian dishes I recommend spanakopita, dolmadakia without meat, briam, and gemista without meat