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    Do you recommend staying in youth hostels while in Greece?

    Have you ever stayed in a youth hostel while in Greece? And if so, what was it like? I'm trying to plan my backpacking trip to Europe :)
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    Angelokastro is the must see castle in the clouds!

    Check out this video!
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    Have you been to the Byzantine Museum of Corfu?

    It is located in the former church of the Holy Mother of God Antivouniotissa! I love the location
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    Please comment any links you have for virtual church services!

    https://www.churchfinder.com/online-churches heres an online church finder
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    Recipe for Greek fried zucchini!

    Thanks for posting! I love fried zucchinni. Can I use any other type of oil as well?
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    Why is the sand on Xi beach in Kefalonia red?

    I believe it's a chemical reaction when the iron in the sand comes into contact with oxygen it forms iron oxide or rust
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    What are the best ways to practice my Greek online?

    You can find online tutors through Italkie.com! I used it to brush up on my French
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    The best beach in Crete is Nea Chora!

    This beach is stunning!! I would love to visit one day
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    What are the katavothres in Kefalonia?

    According to greka.com "At Katavothres the sea flows inland and enters sinkholes on the earth that is below sea level. It is assumed that there are caverns below the seabed which is where the water flows in. The mills used to be run in these holes."...
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    How did Alexander the Greats empire span so far?

    Does anyone know what made his empire so successful?
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    Should I use taxis or get a rental car when traveling in Rhodes?

    If you prefer getting a rental car usually, then I would recommend one. Taxis are harder to use on islands and are really only beneficial if you're in Athens or Thessaloniki
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    What is the best type of Greek salad?

    I love maroulosalata! I chop up lettuce very fine and just add lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper, and oregano. It's so simple yet so tasty
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    The geometric art style of the Ancient Athenians!

    I love the geometric style! Here's a bit more info https://www.britannica.com/art/Geometric-style
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    The famous grey sand of Cape Columbo, Santorini

    Is the beach close to the volcano?
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    Who is the son of Hercules and are there any stories about him?

    Hyllus is the son of Hercules! Him and his siblings were exiled but they sought refuge in Athens. The siblings formulated a plan to invade and conquer the Peloponnesus, a significant portion of southern Greece comprised of a peninsula extending into the Aegean Sea.
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    The best place to visit in Rhodes is Ancient Ialyssos!

    I love the history of this place! In 480 BC, along with the other two city-states, ancient Ialyssos formed a confederation to protect themselves. Together, these three would form the capital of Rhodes. The capital stretched from this area to present day Rhodes Town. You will see the Temple of...
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    What is your favorite place to go to in Thessaloniki?

    Do you have any recommendations? I'm looking to do something adventurous :)
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    Greek style eggs anyone?

    Does anyone know a good recipe for a Greek style omelette or eggs? Thanks :)
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    Is it safe to travel alone in Greece?

    I would say it's quite safe. It's more dangerous in places like Athens or Thessaloniki, especially at night. If you're going to the islands I wound't worry. Just keep an eye out and try your best to stay in areas with other people! Stay safe and good luck :)
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    What is the history of Eretria?

    I love Eretria theater, it's so beautiful! Does anyone know the history?