1. nadellii

    Has anyone celebrated Greek mardi gras (apokries) in Crete?

    I've only been to the one in Athens (here's a pic)! But I've heard the one in Crete is amazing. Have any of you been?
  2. nadellii

    Who built Mon Repos Palace in Corfu?

    No way that's crazy!! I had no idea that he was born there
  3. nadellii

    The beautiful Zoodochos Pigi Cave

    I've always wanted to visit the natural springs in the Zoodochos Pigi Cave! If any of you have been please let me know if you would go again!
  4. nadellii

    Should I get a new sim card to have data in Greece?

    What do you guys do when you travel to Greece? Do you get a prepaid sim card when you visit? And which phone providers do you recommend?
  5. nadellii

    Best lenten recipes for holy week

    I love these recipes! How do you make your kolokithokeftedes? Mine always come out too soggy
  6. nadellii

    What can I do with my leftover red Easter hard boiled eggs?

    https://www.themediterraneandish.com/healthy-egg-salad-mediterranean/ here's a good Mediterranean egg salad recipe!!
  7. nadellii

    Greek style eggs anyone?

    You need to try strapatso/strapatsada!
  8. nadellii

    What is a good Greek easter outfit for a small child?

    Anything light colored is great! Something comfortable as well, easter is always such a long and hectic day so I wouldn't recommend anything uncomfortable
  9. nadellii

    Who are your favorite Greek generals?

    I have always admired General Theodoros Pangalos!! He played an important role in the 1922 Revolution
  10. nadellii

    What is the best Greek easter menu?

    You definitkely need lamb, potatoes, greek salad, maybe some sort of other meat like keftedes or chicken and a bunch of appetizers like spanakopita, tiropita, dolmadakia, and meze
  11. nadellii

    Does anyone have pictures of Easter and the anastasi in Santorini?

    I wish! I've never visited Santorini or Greece during easter time, my job makes it a bit difficult to travel in the spring
  12. nadellii

    What are the best Greek Easter dishes for vegetarians?

    Im inviting a few of my co workers to my family's easter party this year but they don't eat meat. I want to include of them of course! So what are some great side dishes (to an amazing roast lamb) that can be eaten as a main course?
  13. nadellii

    The best tavernas are in old town Rethymnon!!

    I agree! It has some of the best traditional Greek food in Crete. Othons Taverna is one of the most popular!
  14. nadellii

    Are there any Venetian landmarks in Corfu?

    Yes! YOu should definitye visit the Old Fortress! It was build by the Venetians Old Fortress in Corfu, Greece | Greekahttps://www.greeka.com › ... › Sightseeing › Old Fortress Old Fortress (Corfu Town) – Ecotourism Greecehttps://ecotourism-greece.com › attractions › old-fortres...
  15. nadellii

    The beautiful Arch of Galerius

    Where in Thessaloniki is it located? Seems super cool I'd love to visit
  16. nadellii

    Taking my nephews to the Faliriki waterpark!

    This looks amazing! I'd love to take my cousins, thanks for the tip!
  17. nadellii

    What is celebrating Easter like in Crete?

    I would love to go to Greece for Easter next year and celebrate in my mom's home island of Crete! Are there any celebratinos or traditions specific to Crete? I feel like it'd be such a magical time to visit Greece. Easter in South Africa is definitely not as fun and few churches have a big...
  18. nadellii

    The Daphne Monastery is beautiful!!

    Beautiful!!! Do you know if there are any famous icons located there?
  19. nadellii

    The beautiful Agia Triada Beach in Thessaloniki

    This beach looks beautiful! I can imagine it's a nice place to take a break away from the hustle and buslte of the city, I'll have to check it out next time I'm there!
  20. nadellii

    Is the municipal library of Mykonos town worth it?

    Yes! Totally worth it. The library is an important historical landmark and it really shows you what Mykonos was like before all of the tourist attractions. Greece has a long history of big thinkers so our books are a part of our history! Enjoy