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    Do you recommend staying in youth hostels while in Greece?

    Have you ever stayed in a youth hostel while in Greece? And if so, what was it like? I'm trying to plan my backpacking trip to Europe :)
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    How did Alexander the Greats empire span so far?

    Does anyone know what made his empire so successful?
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    The best place to visit in Rhodes is Ancient Ialyssos!

    I love the history of this place! In 480 BC, along with the other two city-states, ancient Ialyssos formed a confederation to protect themselves. Together, these three would form the capital of Rhodes. The capital stretched from this area to present day Rhodes Town. You will see the Temple of...
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    What is your favorite place to go to in Thessaloniki?

    Do you have any recommendations? I'm looking to do something adventurous :)
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    Greek style eggs anyone?

    Does anyone know a good recipe for a Greek style omelette or eggs? Thanks :)
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    What is the history of Eretria?

    I love Eretria theater, it's so beautiful! Does anyone know the history?
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    Where are the best places to experience the history of Rhodes?

    I've only been to the Palace of the Grandmaster (picture below) but I'd like to see way more of the history on my second trip :) what are some other historical spots?
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    Are there any Venetian landmarks in Corfu?

    I've heard there's a lot of Venetian influence in Corfu, are there any specific landmarks I can visit?
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    What are your favorite lenten recipes?

    Im trying out fasting this year, and I love to make kolokithokeftedes (zucchini fritters) but I need some more inspirationion. What are your go-to lenten dishes?
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    Best religious sites in Rhodes?

    I love visiting religious sites and learning about history through tradition and spirituality. Have you visited any religious sites in the beautiful island of Rhodes? If so, which ones? And why did you like/not like them?
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    I love Mykonos…but I might need a day trip to rest from this partying

    Don't get me wrong, I love Mykonos… but I think I'll want a bit of an escape. My friends and I have planned a trip for one week to celebrate our college reunion of 25 years but in my opinion we're far too old to be partying every night. Any advice for a great but relaxing day trip?
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    What are your traveling tips for couples visiting Crete?

    My girlfriend and I are thinking of taking a romantic trip around some Greek isalnds this summer after our trip to Italy. Do you have any ideas about what would be fun for couples?