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    Crete has the warmest and best weather in Greece!

    Did you guys know? This is why Crete is my favorite destination. I bring extra cool clothing when I'm visiting Crete. There are some parts in Greece that are way colder especially in the night time
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    How was Byzantine Morea named?

    I believe it was named because of the number of mulberries in the region!
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    How long does it take to climb up to Meteora?

    When I climbed it took me about 45 minutes
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    Where can I find a small picturesque village in Greece?

    If you're looking for untouched islands I would recommend Hydra and Milos!! They're smaller islands that don't have too much hustle and bustle
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    How can I make juicy Greek grilled chicken breast?

    I always struggle to keep chicken breast juicy! Are there any tips for Greek style chicken breasts?
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    Have you been to De Bosset Bridge in Argostoli, Kefalonia?

    I love this bridge! It was formerly called Drapano Bridge and it is the longest stone bridge over the sea in the world! I always suggest going to Greece between May - September when its the warmest and liveliest.
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    What is your favorite Greek bean recipe?

    Fava is amazing! I love drizzling some olive oil and vinegar on top with fresh cracked black pepper
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    The geometric art style of the Ancient Athenians!

    Did you know that the Ancient Athenians had their own distinct style from the rest of Ancient Greece? Many of the vases are destroyed and you cant see the designs, like in the picture below. But I love the black and terracotta color geometric style
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    What is the difference between Hades and Thanatos the god of death?

    I think Hades is the god of the underworld
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    What are the cultural influences of Thessaloniki?

    Thessaloniki has some of the best art galleries and museums in Greece! There's influence from all over the world, especially from eastern Europe and the rest of the Balkans
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    Does anyone have pictures of Easter and the anastasi in Santorini?

    I've seen some beautiful pictures of Santorini during Easter. Do you have any pictures from Easter and anastasi in Santorini?
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    Is the best beach in Corfu Santa Barbara beach?

    I have to respectfully disagree!! Agia Triada beach is for sure the best
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    Where can I buy the equipment to roast a lamb for Easter?

    https://vevor.ca/products/42-88-lbs-stainless-lamb-roaster-rotisserie-spit-18w-bbq-pig-goat-wind-shield?gclid=CjwKCAjwmv-DBhAMEiwA7xYrd-50pe5SOl2-pZq_swG_usfT0wkmCcou302qsU2gB2SxCfUEYlrs0RoC9UQQAvD_BwE this one looks pretty legit to me! good luck!
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    Is there anything to do near the Athens airport?

    Totally! There's a really nice beach town called Porto Rafti with great tavernas and really clear blue waters. It's about twenty minutes from the airport and there are also some small hotels if you would like to stop and rest
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    What happened in the First Punic War?

    There was a really big power struggle leading up to the war. In a series of naval defeats, Carthaginian forces were so reduced by Roman forces that the country surrendered.
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    Have you been to the Teloglion Foundation of Art in Thessaloniki?

    Apparently this museum has more than 8,000 pieces of artwork. Does anyone know what type of artwork is at the foundation and can you let me know if you liked it or not. I would love to visit with my friends who love art. Thanks!
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    Did you know that Kefalonia is considered to be Homeric Ithaca, the home of Odysseus?

    This makes me want to visit Kefalonia even more!! Are there any spots on the island that are referenced in the stories? I would love to visit them
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    Why does Rhodes have castles?

    It's a medieval city! I believe that knights occupied the island from 1309 until 1522
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    Peloponnese vacation pictures!

    This is from Kalamata! I love it there
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    What should I expect at a Greek wedding?

    I'm going to a Greek wedding this summer for the first time, are there any customs I should be aware of? I'm so excited!!