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    Visit Foivos winery which is the oldest winery in Greece

    According to their website, this winery is either the oldest or one of the oldest wineries in Greece. It is a continuation of the Mantzavino Winery and has now been renamed. They have many different varieties of wine, including red wine, white wine, and rosés. Their website has an excellent list...
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    Check out my recommended travel itinerary for 2 weeks in Greece!

    I have decided to share an itinerary that I send to all of my friends who want to go to Greece. I have travelled to quite a few places around the country, and feel like I have a good idea of where everyone should visit on their first trip. Of course, I always recommend a two week minimum one...
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    You must visit the hot springs in Santorini

    The Hot Springs in Santorini are one of the best natural springs that you can go to in Greece. They are heated by the islands volcano that is underneath the ocean, causing the springs to be extremely warm and offer a very relaxing experience. There are two small islands near Santorini in which...
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    Can you pass this Greek geography quiz?

    I'm so curious to see how much everyone knows about Greek geography. Personally, I know very little so it's super interesting to see how actual Greeks did with these questions.
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    Mykonos is Europe’s Most Instagrammable Relaxing Location .

    Of course! I didn't expect anything different :)
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    Katerini is a great tourist town outside of Thessaloniki

    Definitely a must visit if you want a nice beach town! I've only been once but I haven't regretted it.
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    Is it possible to grow olives outside of Greece?

    Wow this is an amazing idea. Does it take a lot of work to keep the plants from dying when you bring them inside? I would love to get started on this project
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    Cultural differences to be aware of while traveling to Greece

    This is an excellent point! And very important for people to remind their children about. Thank you for sharing, most people tend to forget.
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    The most famous byzantine style buildings!

    Byzantine architecture is one of the hallmarks of Greek buildings, especially churches and holy sites. Some of the most famous Byzantine style buildings include the Hagia Sophia (of course), Hagia Irene, Cathedral Church of Agia Sophia of Thessalonica, and the Monastery of Saint John the...
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    How to make a classic Greek village (horiatiki) salad

    This village salad is probably one of the most popular salads in Greece. Many Greeks will start their lunches and dinners with the salad and it is considered to be very healthy, especially when you use local ingredients. All you need to do is chop up the following ingredients and toss it in a...
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    Talented Greek singers and dancers in Crete!

    These Cretan dancers are putting on a traditional show! As you will see in the video, these costumes, the music and dancing is all traditional and from the island of Crete. You will probably be able to find some restaurants that provide traditional cretin music and potentially some dancing. I...
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    How to make a quick and easy Greek parfait

    Parfaits are one of the easiest desserts to make, especially when you have fresh fruits and amazing Greek yogurt! All you need to do is assemble your ingredients in a beautiful glass cup, and there you have it. Here are a few parfait recipes that I like to use, just know that you can always...
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    How to make a classic Greek rice pudding

    Rice pudding is probably one of the most classic and simple Greek desserts. It's eaten all over the world, and you can find many different variations. The Greek version is pretty simple and uses a basic version of white rice and whole milk. All you need to do is add cinnamon on top, and there...
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    How to grill the best fish

    Now that it's getting a bit warmer outside I'm going to start grilling up some of the freshest fish that I can find. Grilling fish is very easy, but you just have to make sure that the grill is hot enough so that the fish doesn't stick and fall apart. The grill should be preheated to about 450°F...
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    Has anyone gotten baptized as an adult?

    Has anyone on this forum gotten baptized as an adult? I would love to learn more about the experience and what it has been like for everyone. I know everyone's religious journey can be different and their reasons for getting baptized vary. Many people that I have met have gotten baptized in...
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    In your opinion, what is the wildest Greek mythology story?

    I know there are some pretty wild and crazy Greek mythology stories that involve incest, murder, and even worse. I'm super curious to see what everyone's favourite and most wild story is. If you are able to share links of the full story, please do. I know some of them can be very complicated and...
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    What is your favorite dish to order for mezze?

    Is saganaki with honey and sesame popular all over Greece? I haven't seen it in every restaurant as I do plain saganaki
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    How many people know Ancient Greek?

    As some of you may know, ancient Greek is taught in all public schools throughout Greece. Although, many people aren't actually able to speak modern Greek and communicate between each other because it is a dead language, similar to Latin. Greek people are taught how to write ancient Greek and...
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    Xristos Anesti everyone! Happy Easter! 🇬🇷

    Xristos Anesti to everyone in the World Wide Greeks community! I wish everyone a happy Easter, and a very blessed and happy year. May the best come for you and your family.
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    Where can I find live music performances in Greece?

    What I love about travelling is listening to the most talented and beautiful musicians in the world! When I go to Greece this summer, I would love to go to some concerts or anywhere where there is live music (bars, restaurants etc.) If anyone has any ideas about where I can go to listen to some...