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    Recipes using feta cheese!

    These are the best recipes that you can make from feta cheese! You can also sprinkle feta cheese on pretty much anything, but I like to incorporate it into these :) I like to use Greek feta cheese brands like dodonis, it's a traditional Greek brand that they now sell in the US 1. Tiropita 2...
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    How to make a gyro completely from scratch

    Making gyros can be pretty simple… but also pretty complicated. If you're in the mood for a challenge, I recommend that you check out this video and try making all of the different parts of a gyro from scratch. This is what I like to do if I have a little extra time on my hands, and want to...
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    Crete is the best place to get an Airbnb!

    I have been browsing Airbnb's all over the island of Crete and the value is astounding! The prices are some of the best that I've seen all over Greece and they are all brand new, clean, and very modern which is not the case for other areas of Greece. It seems that many people on the island are...
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    Overnight oats with Greek yogurt are the key to a healthy and quick breakfast

    Overnight oats are so simple to make, and they are packed with protein from the low-fat Greek yogurt. I always make them at the start of the week, and then I have breakfast that's ready for me before I go to work. You can pretty much add anything you want overnight oats, and that's what makes...
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    French fries are a must try in Greece!

    French fries are probably one of the best menu items that you can have in Greece. They are so much better than any other fries that I have tried around the world! They are much thicker and softer than the French fries that you would find in the United States or the UK for example. If its...
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    How to master making thin phyllo dough

    This is probably one of the only things that I never make at home. I'm just not very talented and I don't have a lot of time on my hands to be making these beautiful paperthin dough. That being said, I would love to learn how to make this paper thin phyllo dough just like the ones I buy in...
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    Is it traditional to put dill in tzatziki?

    I've seen so many different recipe variations of tzatziki, and I really don't know what's most traditional and authentic. I have noticed that many restaurants in the United States add dill to the sauce, but that it's not super common in Greece. Does anyone know what is more traditional? Is the...
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    Potamos beach in Malia harbor Crete is a quiet escape

    Potamos beach is a very small beach in Malia Harbor. The beach is great because there aren't many organize beach clubs, meaning that you're able to just come to the beach with your own towels and umbrellas and stay for free. There are usually people walking around selling things, and you can...
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    What to order at a Greek restaurant!

    One thing about many Greek restaurants is that the menu always seems to be humongous. And if you never been to a Greek restaurant before you might be a bit unsure about what to order. In my opinion, the best thing you can always get a Greek restaurant is the smaller plates, a.k.a. the meze. This...
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    Greece fifth most popular retirement destination abroad for Britons.

    That's great that they're protecting people from trafficking. My family were refugees from Turkey so I am so happy to see Greek people participating in hosting people.
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    Take the train from Athens to Thessaloniki for only €10 - €35

    I find that the trains are much better because the roads in Greece tend to be very windy and twisty and make me nauseous so its difficult to take a bus. Would recommend driving or taking a train for sure.
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    The city of Rhodes is about to have some major changes

    I'm thinking the same thing...I've seen a lot of these ambitious projects fall apart
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    A walking tour of Argostoli, Kefalonia 🏖️

    Walking around (or even biking) is one of the best leisurely wats to get to a know an island in Greece. That's why I love to visit Greek islands, is because you usually won't miss anything because everything is so quant and small and walkable. If anyone has any advice about the island of...
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    Who are the women of Lemnos?

    The story goes that Aphrodite put a curse of the women living in Lemnos making them not want to be with their husbands anymore. Apphrodite believed that the women were not getting what they deserved. What ended up happening is that all of the men go to nearby Thrace to be with the women there...
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    Where do you keep your family recipes?

    Keeping track of our family recipes is something that me and my siblings can never seem to get on track. Some of us have them on our phones, some of us have it written down, and we always seem to be confused about what the correct family recipe is. Let's not get me started on the ones that just...
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    Take a day trip to Symi island from Rhodes

    So I assume it's worth it!!
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    10 secret corners of Greece for your next summer holiday!

    I've never heard of Kithira!! Thanks
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    Romantic Greek Song, Love Requires Two

    This is one of those old school and beautiful Greek love songs. I translated some of the lyrics online, and have copy and paste them for those who don't speak Greek. Η αγάπη θέλει δύο - Love requires two για να ζεσταθεί - To be warmed Να παλέψει με το κρύο - To fight against the cold να...
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    How do I get to my hotel from the Santorini ferry port?

    I am thinking to book a trip to Santorini this summer and taking the ferry from Athens. I am just wondering...how do I get to my hotel from the ferry? What are my transportation options? I don't think my hotel has transfer options like a shuttle because its very small. Does anyone have...
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    Greek fried veggies are your next easy snack!

    One of my favorite snacks to make is fried eggplant and zucchini. Even though these are the most common fried veggies in Greece, you can really fry anything! As long as you cover it with some salt, pepper, oregano and feta cheese it will be tasty (and Greek)! I like to thinly slice my veggies...