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    Seven Springs in Rhodes is a great place for couples!

    I didn't know that this place existed! I will keep it in mind.
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    If you love history, Rhodes should be your next destination!

    I totally agree with this - I have enjoyed my time learning about the history of Rhodes. I made it to Kamiros and thought the ancient site was so interesting! One of the reasons why I like Rhodes so much is also because of the Medieval history.
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    Hiking the seven springs gorge in Rhodes

    You know, Rhodes has a rich history and it is all too easy to get caught up in that and forget how beautiful the island is. Of all the places in Greece I've visited, I found the natural beauty on Rhodes to be amongst the most stunning. I will have to add this hike to my list for next time when I...
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    Where is the best place to go shopping in Rhodes?

    I found this list on Tripadvisor to be interesting. Does anyone here have an experience with these places? Last time I was in Rhodes, I honestly wasn't paying much attention to shop names, just areas. And I agree, I enjoyed Nea Poli, as well...
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    It is very hot this week.

    WOW!!! That is hot for 9 PM. For me, I long for this weather when it is cold out, but then the heat can feel like A LOT when it's happening.