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    What usually happens at a Greek baptism reception?

    We do dress up for church and the reception follows the ceremony so you will be dressed up. The celebration is like a shower. You naturally eat a meal, bring gifts, and ooh and ahh at the baby. Enjoy....
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    The town center was such a lovely family centered place to pass an evening
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    Where can I find a small picturesque village in Greece?

    The mountain villages above Volos were so fun to see and visit. You would need a car but it was and experience I wont forget and well worth it. Did some hiking up there as well. At one point we even visited a ski village which surprised me, that was after visiting Delphi. Driving the mainland...
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    Tell me about the beautiful village of Fiskardo!

    Favorite village on the island, so beautiful there! my screensaver is from there