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    Taking a cruise around the Greek islands is a great idea if you have kids!

    Taking a cruise to the Greek islands is great for everyone, but I have found that it is an ideal activity in Greece for families because there's something for everyone!
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    Tickets to Greece are very cheap at the moment for flights before Christmas!

    It's so hard to plan ahead but to save money this is what needs to be done haha. Thanks for sharing this tip!
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    You should avoid these areas in Greece during demonstrations

    This is a great tip. I have been to Greece during plenty of protests and strikes and as long as you avoid the hot areas it won't even be an issue. I didn't know about some of the hot spots on the list so thanks for sharing!
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    All about Sea Turtles (day) in Greece!🐢🐢 🐢

    The poor turtles! I didn't realize they get trapped in nets. :( Sounds like the fishermen treat them kindly when that happens, though...
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    All about Sea Turtles (day) in Greece!🐢🐢 🐢

    The sea turtles in Greece are so special and important to the eco system. Didn't realize they had their own day of recognition! I would love to visit Zakynthos and watch them in action. Have you been?
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    The best travel advice that I can give you

    Ha ha, that is so true!!! I agree,
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    How Are You Celebrating Greek Independence Day Today?

    I always found it interesting that March 25th marks the day when the war actually began. Typically, the day that independence was actually achieved is the day that is celebrated. Ζήτω η Ελλάδα!!! Thanks for sharing the historical link. :)
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    How good is the wifi at Greek hotels?

    It depends where you go. I've had good experiences, I've had bad ones. I have an unlocked iphone. So, I usually just buy a Greek SIM card to use while in Greece.
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    That's great! Do you have any information as to where specifically?
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    Check out this adorable Greek Easter travel advertisement

    This is so cute! I love the family images of people of all ages enjoying the Easter traditions. I always wanted to go to Greece during Easter.
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    The best travel advice that I can give you

    This is good advice, thank you. Typically, when I travel to Greece, I expect that I can be a bit spontaneous, and I used those third part sites all the time. I haven't been tor Greece since Covid, though, and it makes sense that it is easy to book flights direclty.
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    Did you know that you can stay inside a windmill in Mykonos

    I had no idea this was a possibility on Mykonos. The windmills are iconic, and I love taking photos of them whenever I can. Staying in one looks like an amazing experience.
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    Are you wondering how Greeces economy is doing?

    It's great that we are seeings signs of hope, not just in Greece, but throughout the world. It is great to get out there!
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    Delta Inaugural Flight to Athens .

    This is good news, it will make it easier to get to Greece from the United States!
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    A traditional Greek Christmas glendi (party)

    This is really fun!!! So festive, and I am impressed at the people who know the music, and who get up and dance. Such a good time!
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    Athens Ready for the Holiday Season with Christmas Events Galore |

    This is beautiful! I didn't realize how festive Athens looks at this time of year.
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    Gather around to make Christopsomo this Christmas! (Greek Christmas bread)

    I have some family memories of making this bread. I agree that it is tricky to get the texture right, but after making it a few times, you get a feel for how the dough is supposed to feel.
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    Koulourakia are a classic Greek winter time cookie

    I know! For me, I actually like to dip my koulourakia in mulled wine! I drink mulled wine during the holidays, spiced with plenty of cinnamon and sweetened with honey, and the cookies are a perfect complement.
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    What are some ride share apps that work in Greece?

    I have never used ride share in Greece, and I am not sure that people really do that. I tend to use taxis, public transport, my legs, or rent a car. According to this tripadvisor thread, there is an app that Greeks use that can help you secure a taxi called Taxibeat. I have never used it. Has...
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    Learn these "travel survival phrases" in Greek

    It's a really difficult thing, trusting our brain and our mouths when navigating a second language!