1. nm1999

    The best Santorini white wines

    Santorini is famous for its white wines. I'm not a huge wine person myself, but I always find myself reaching for Santorini wine when it's on the menu. There are so many different wines to choose from, and its really up to your own taste. I don't ever believe that the best wine is the most...
  2. nm1999

    Life Aboard Onassis' Legendary Yacht 'Christina .

    Wow this is so intriguing... lot's of alcohol and addiction. It is sad to see.
  3. nm1999

    Stunning Santorini wedding at Le Ciel Santorini

    Yes, it seems more suited for western style weddings where an ordained person is conducting the ceremony.
  4. nm1999

    Tsambika beach is a beautiful sandy beach

    Thanks for the link. Prices aren't too bad, especially if you're planning on spending the majority of the day there.
  5. nm1999

    If youre looking for a quiet and romantic spot, check out Hydra

    I love Hydra :) It's so convenient for a day trip
  6. nm1999

    Which area of Greece has the best seafood?

    This is great advice. You can always ask if the fish is fresh, but restaurants in Greece might not be as honest as those in the U.S..
  7. nm1999

    These are the best beaches in Milos 🏖️

    In my opinion, the best beaches are not overcrowded, have clean and crystal clear water, and smooth sand. Milos has some of the best beaches and the island isn't super crowded. These are some of the best beaches that you should visit... - Sarakiniko - Tsigrado - Firopotamos - Firiplaka
  8. nm1999

    Tsambika beach is a beautiful sandy beach

    I'm a big fan of peaches with fine sand, and clear water. If you are too then it's in Tsambika Beach is the place to go! There are many different options for organized beaches with chairs that you can pay for at Tsambika. Next to the beach is also a waterpark that you can visit and do many...
  9. nm1999

    How to make Greek saffron rice pilaf

    Rice pilaf with saffron is a beautiful aromatic rice dish that is made with long grain basmati rice and high quality saffron. There's a variety of recipes, but all are made with the same key ingredients. One thing that you should do is soak the rice before you cook it, this allows it to get...
  10. nm1999

    Pagotinia (little ice creams) are a must try in Greece

    Pagotinia are like mini ice cream cones, and they are super popular in Greece. They're available at pretty much any Greek bakery, and they're a perfect way to cool down on a summer day. They're especially popular with young kids, but I always like to eat them because they help me portion...
  11. nm1999

    Check out Vouliagmeni for classy beachside restaurants

    Vouliagmeni is about half an hour from Athens by car and is a great place for beachside dining. I find that this area has amazing views and is much less crowded than Athens. I haven't been to any beaches there, so please let me know if there are good spots to swim nearby. I usually go for dinner...
  12. nm1999

    Mastic ice cream is the best dessert for summer

    Greek mastic ice cream is one of the best summer desserts. It has such a unique flavor, and is made from traditional Greek ingredients. You can usually find this ice cream packaged in a grocery store, from a Greek pastry store, and some people even make it at home. If you would like to try to...
  13. nm1999

    How to make a refreshing watermelon drink for the summer!

    Now that it's heating up, I thought it would be very helpful for everyone in the World Wide Greeks community to make a watermelon drink for the summer! Whether you are going to be in Greece or in your home country, you can still make this drink. I must say though, that the water melons in Greece...
  14. nm1999

    Did you know that fresh mint can help cure nausea?

    Greeks have been using herbs for medicinal purposes for generations, and these recipes and tips have been passed down from generation to generation. Greek spearmint or mint is one of the best ways to cure nausea and an upset stomach. Of course, if you have a serious medical illness you should...
  15. nm1999

    Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Acropolis

    As a music lover myself, I must say that the ancient Greeks had some of the most sophisticated sound engineering!!
  16. nm1999

    What do you think of these essential Greek travel tips?

    I've definitely made the mistake of drinking too much Raki!! I do miss the good old days when I was younger and could drink five shots in a row without feeling a damn thing.
  17. nm1999

    Did you know that many Greek people dont have registries for their weddings?

    Agreed, depending on if you're going to be attending the reception or not, the amount of money you will pay may vary. Of course, depending on how close you are to the couple and how much you are able to afford yourself will play a big role.
  18. nm1999

    Did you know that Mykonos has its own historical library?

    Many people wouldn't think to visit a library on their vacation, but I do suggest stopping by just to check it out. Besides being a party town, Mykonos has so many beautiful aspects of Greek culture that shouldn't be missed out on. In the library, you'll be able to see many different books...
  19. nm1999

    How to make Greek chicken with okra!

    This is one of those recipes that people either love or hate! Okra is super controversial but I personally love it. This is a traditional Greek recipe and has very simple ingredients: chicken, okra, tomato, onion, butter and spices. The first step you will need to take is cutting the ends off of...
  20. nm1999

    How formal are Greek weddings usually?

    I'm going to a Greek wedding this summer as someone's plus one, and I really have no idea how to dress for the wedding. My date isn't really giving me a lot of advice, and she doesn't usually go to a lot of Greek weddings herself, so I'm a bit clueless. If anyone could give me advice on how...