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    Visit the temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion

    A small error, the view from the Temple of Poseidon in Attica is of the Aegean Sea. We Greek Americans that grew up on the Atlantic coast got used to saying the Ocean when in fact it is the sea, a small oversite.:)
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    These are the top Greek recipes that you can make with beans

    Thank you for writting about these wonderful bean dishes. What I remember in Greece, extra big lima beans were used for "Giantes" which means in English giants. From my expierence in Greece, fava is made with yellow split peas and cooked and prepared as you write. I think fava beans are called...
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    How many people know Ancient Greek?

    I think elements of ancient Greek are alive in modern Greek on some of the Greek islands and in isolated villages on the main land and Peleponnisos. And, in certain communities of Magna Grecia, in Scilly, Southern Italy and even coastal Mediterrean France. I was so suprised and delighted to hear...
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    This is why Greek Orthodox Easter is on a different day than Catholic Easter

    Those are 2 basic reasons why Greek Orthodox Easter is on a different day then it is for the Catholic and Protestant Churches. There are other very interesting reasons as well that I am vague about, something to do with the vernal equinox and the full moon. Maybe GOARCH has more specific info.
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    What are the best Greek mezze dishes?

    Oh my God, there is such a huge variety of delicious & irrisitable mezedes , both panhellenic and regional. For example, in Rhodes they make "pitaroudia." They are like little, irregular circles of very coarsely ground, whole, cooked chick peas with flour, spices & local herbs, gently & quikly...