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    How to rent motorcycles and atvs in Greece

    Of course, the process is going to be different depending on where you are in Greece, but for the most part the rules are the same. You will need an unexpired drivers license to rent an ATV. Some websites will say that you need an international drivers license, but I've never been asked for one...
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    Essential Greek travel tips!

    Here are a few key Greek travel tips for this summer that I think you would find helpful 1. Don't throw toilet paper in the toilet 2. You can always find a pharmacy that's open 24 hours, they alternate which ones are open in a specific radius 3. Masks are required on ferries Please feel...
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    How to make the perfect whipped cream!

    I loved whipped cream! Here is a good ekmek kadaifi recipe since you mentioned it
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    Do any of you have questions about Greek?

    Wow, this is perhaps the most beautiful explanation I've ever seen. I have asked so many Greek people about it, but no one really explains it in a way that I can understand. I definitely need to practice a bit and test out my spelling with these rules, but this is definitely a great start. Thank...
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    What to add to your Greek dip platter

    Do you mind sharing your vegan tzatziki recipe? I would love to try making it.
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    Why you should wear sneakers and comfortable shoes in Greece

    This applies to all places in Greece, except for the beach! If you're going on day trips, I highly recommend that you wear sneakers or comfortable shoes. Most places in Greece, especially touristy areas and ancient sites have cobblestone paths. Villages tend to be very hilly or have dirt paths...
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    Here is some insight about Greek etiquette and body language

    I love that we talk with our hands :)
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    48 years ago, Turkey invaded Cyprus

    This story is so sad to hear, here is a link if anyone wants to learn more. https://mfa.gov.cy/turkish-military-invasion-and-occupation.html
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    Tips for taking taxis in Athens!

    I wish I did this more, it's a bit difficult for me because I don't go to Greece often and can't make connections
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    Do any of you have questions about Greek?

    That is so kind of you! I personally always struggle with the use of the E's. I really don't understand when to use each one, and if there are any rules at all. Do I have to just memorize the spelling of each word?
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    There is a rental crisis in Greece

    The rental crisis is getting worse all over the world, and especially in Greece. Many Greek people say that they spend the majority of their salary on rent, and the buildings are not in good condition. I have seen this myself with my own friends and family in Greece. Things are getting more and...
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    Milos island is becoming more popular than ever!

    I love visiting in June, May is even a great time as well
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    Here is a glimpse of Megalochori village in Santorini

    Megalochori is one of Santorini's most beautiful villages! You can't visit the island without walking around and seeing the sights. When visiting, be careful of the residents who are staying there. Santorini has had a problem with people walking on the buildings and making too much noise. Yes it...
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    How much money do you think Greece made from tourism last year?

    If you guessed 27 billion euros you would be right! This is a huge increase from 2020, where Greece only made 15.5 billion euros, which dropped because of covid. in 2019, this number was even greater at 38.2 billion. Tourism is a huge portion of the country GDP and contributes to building the...
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    Check out my recommended travel itinerary for 2 weeks in Greece!

    Crete is always an excellent choice, I love spending at least a week there with my rental car hopping around from city to city.
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    The rise of historical Anatolian cuisine in Greece

    Over the past few years, I've noticed more and more trendy Anatolian restaurants opening up. These restaurants feature historical food cooked by Greeks whose ancestors used to live in modern day Turkey. The cuisine is very similar to Greek food, but has a few twist such as the use of red pepper...
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    The Santorini crowds seem to be getting worse and worse

    I can't seem to escape all of the criticism about the Santorini crowds. This makes me wonder… are the crowds getting worse? Or are people just posting about them more on social media? I haven't been to Santorini in many years, but this is just a glimpse of what you may be faced with when...
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    Did you know that fresh mint can help cure nausea?

    I completely agree, I love to get fresh mint and put it in the freezer for whenever I'm feeling sick!
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    Check out Agios Gordios beach in Corfu

    Agios Gordios Beach is an award winning blue flag beach that is located on the western part of Corfu. It is very popular amongst families and all different types of tourists, and there are many different options for you to visit. Personally, I like to visit the organized beaches where there are...