1. nadellii

    View of the Acropolis from Thisseio

    Thisseio is a great place for cafes and rooftop bars and restaraunts that have stunning views of the acropolis both during the day and at night. This picture was taken from Thisseio View, a cafe named perfectly for one of the best views in the city. The food is pretty good, nothing amazing but...
  2. nadellii

    What are your favorite Greek dishes?

    Please drop some suggestions below! I’ve been wanting to try out some new dishes. I’m noticing that many taverns I’ve been visiting are serving the same things and I’d like to try something more unique. I love the classics (meze, souvlaki, moussaka etc.) but it’s time for some exploring!!
  3. nadellii

    Who is eligible for a ferry discount

    According to ferry hopper, the following groups are eligible for a discount with most ferry companies. I’m not sure what the documentation process is for verifying these statuses, so if anyone has experience please let us know! 😊 Toddlers (-100%) Children (-50%) Permanent residents of islands...
  4. nadellii

    Shrimp pasta is a Greek classic

    This dish might technically not be Greek, but it is loved by Greeks around the country and served at almost every Greek restaurant. The pasta is cooked in a seafood broth and the sauce is a mixture of tomato sauce and cream. The dishes topped with lovely Parmesan cheese!! 😊 One of my favorites.
  5. nadellii

    How Egypt influenced Ancient Greece

    Ancient Egypt and Greece hav had so much influence over each other, perhaps more than any other ancient civilizations. This article specifically focuses on the impact of Egypt on Ancient Greece. https://historyofyesterday.com/how-egyptian-life-influenced-the-ancient-greeks-e52696bd43b7
  6. nadellii

    Beautiful pictures from the island of Kefalonia!

    I am starting this thread now of pictures from the beautiful island of Kefalonia! It is definitely one of my favorites on the western side of Greece, with the exception of Zakinthos. Please leave some pictures in the comments! I would love to see them.
  7. nadellii

    Have you ever tried shrimp dolmadakia?

    Shrimp dolmadakia are a lesser known dish that is made locally in the Ionian islands. The flavor is very similar to those made with beef since they both use tomato sauce and aromatic herbs. The only difference is that there is a strong seafood taste, as they are cooked in a seafood broth. These...
  8. nadellii

    Did you know that wine is super cheap in Greece?

    Many people think that wine is for those with expensive taste. The reality is that you can find amazing wines at extremely low prices if you search in the right places. You can get ones that cost as low as four euros at your local supermarket and convenient store in Greece. If you’re traveling...
  9. nadellii

    Seasoned goat wrapped in parchment paper

    This dish is phenomenal! The goat is seasoned with thyme, rosemary, oregano, salt, and pepper and wrapped in parchment paper to keep all of the juices and seasoning inside the meat. I am not sure what the red berries are, but they didn’t have a very strong flavor. Of course, it is served with...
  10. nadellii

    Greeces long tradition of making leather sandals

    Greeks have been wearing sandals since the ancient times. The tradition continues to this day, where so many groups have leather workshops. If you walk around the streets of any touristic city in Greece, you will see dozens of shoe stores with leather sandals, bags, and belts. If you were...
  11. nadellii

    Beautiful views from our day trip to Aegina

    We took a wonderful day trip to Aegina from Athens! The ferry boat was so short and delightful. It took about one hour from Piraeus which is the country’s largest port. We rented an ATV which was about 35€ for the day and took it around the whole island. It’s definitely not touristy and much...
  12. nadellii

    Beautiful lamb shank and lavraki

    This dinner was absolutely exquisite! It was a lovely roasted lamb shake, with small pieces of pasta. We also ordered a grilled lavraki which was one of the best I’ve ever had in my life. I just can’t get enough of Greek food, it’s always so fresh and cooked to perfection. Greetings from my holiday!
  13. nadellii

    Yes, Santorini is as beautiful as they say

    Today was my first day in Santorini and I must say I was astounded. I was worried that there was a lot of hype around the island, and that it might not be as nice as they say but I was wrong. It’s absolutely stunning. I believe that everyone should try and go in their lifetime.
  14. nadellii

    Check out this stunning port near Piraeus

    Right next to Piraeus is Port Alimos which houses smaller sailboats and yachts. The area has a beautiful cafe that overlooks the water called Día Noche where many sea goers stop and lunch before and after their trips. If you’re interested in taking a trip around the mainland or to neighboring...
  15. nadellii

    Famous Konstantinople yogurt kebab

    This kebab is famous in Greece for its flavor and its roots in Konstantinople. It’s marinated in spices and tomatoes and then topped with a dollop of yogurt. It’s also usually served with pita bread and grilled veggies. It’s the best!
  16. nadellii

    A beautiful sunset in Crete

    My family and I were driving yesterday and just needed to stop on the off beaten path to admire the sun that was just about to set. Sometimes the best entertainment is right in front of you.
  17. nadellii

    How to book ferries in advance

    If you’re going to be island hopping in Greece, I highly recommend that you book tickets in advance online when you know your itinerary. This is especially important if you’re traveling with a car. Of course you can buy them of the day of, but if you want to be sure that you’re going to get a...
  18. nadellii

    Frappe by the beach 🤩

    Greetings to all of my friends! I was just at the beach today enjoying a tasty frappe! Will continue to post about my trip! 😊
  19. nadellii

    Do any of you have questions about Greek?

    I had the same experience when visiting Greece for three weeks last year. I loved taverna food but it got so old. It’s a little easier when you can cook at home and have some more variation. But eating out can get so boring. There have been some good Asian and Middle Eastern restaraunts opening...
  20. nadellii

    Where the name “Greece” comes from

    Yes, the only time I hear “Hellas” spoken is at sporting events when people say “Hellas Ole” 🎉