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    Loukoumades are the best shareable dessert

    Loukoumades are Greek balls of fried dough covered in honey or syrup and cinnamon. Nowadays, there are many different variations and you can order these with Nutella, pistachio, and different sweets on top. Sometimes I like to get mine with ice cream as well. They’re perfect for sharing, and...
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    How to make Greek frozen yogurt ice cream (without an ice cream maker)

    Making frozen yogurt ice cream is such a good way to indulge in a healthy dessert. You can make this with an ice cream maker if you want, but you don't actually need one. I don't have one myself, so I love making this at home in the summertime. It's much lower in calories and compared to regular...
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    These are the best hotels to go to in Corfu

    There are many different hotels to choose from in Corfu, ranging from adults only resorts, to cause beachfront sports to really cheap and really expensive. If you look early enough, there is something for everyone. If you have a big budget, I recommend Grecotel Corfu Imperial. If you want...
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    How to make smooth and rich avgolemono sauce (Greek egg lemon sauce)

    Avgolemono is a classic sauce that can be added to pretty much everything but taste the best on dolmadakia! The recipe is pretty simple, but takes a bit of practice to get the consistency right. All you need for ingredients is eggs, lemon, and chicken stock. It's kind of similar to a hollandaise...
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    Pasteli is a wonderful sweet snack

    I always like to pick these up at the periptero! They're so reminiscent of Greece
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    These are the most common words in Greek

    For anyone learn agree, I recommend Duolingo. It's simple and free. It won't teach you complex conversations, but you'll learn the basics, especially for travel.
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    How to Summer in Athens

    The Athens Riviera is just stunning! Great recommendations in this link :)
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    Should I still get a gift if I cant make it to the wedding?

    I was invited to a Greek wedding this summer, but unfortunately I am unable to go because my work schedule is just a bit too hectic. The couple has a registry, which makes me wonder if I should still get a gift even if I'm not able to go to the wedding. Does anyone know what the expectation or...
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    How to make homemade Greek sausages

    Greek sausages are fresh and fragrant. You can make these sausages out of any type of ground meat, but the most traditional way is ground pork. I like to use chicken for breakfast sausages but pork for when I'm having a barbecue with guests over. I like to get fresh ground meat from the butcher...
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    Nissaki beach is a must visit in Corfu!

    Nissaki beach is amazing! It is a small secluded beach that has very clear blue water and white smooth sand with small pebbles. I really recommend it for anyone that is interested in a quieter beach. I do recommend going earlier in the morning to reserve a beach chair, as you can see there...
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    This is what the traditional costumes of Greek soldiers look like

    Traditional Greek soldiers are called "evzones" and were the soldiers who fought against the Ottoman occupation of Greece. Nowadays, Greek soldiers dress in modern military clothing with camouflage. Greek soldiers will dress in the evzone costume for special occasions and for guarding the tomb...
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    Allatini Villa is a baroque piece of Greek history in Thessaloniki

    Not my typical visit during a vacation to Thessaloniki but I will consider it when I have some down time.
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    The most beautiful places in Greece.

    Wow these are much lesser known islands that I wouldn't normally think to visit!! I might change my travel plans this summer and go to Amorgos.
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    All about Sea Turtles (day) in Greece!🐢🐢 🐢

    I pray that all of the locals and tourists stop polluting these beautiful islands!! Its hazardous for us and these beautiful creatures
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    What does malakas really mean?

    As many of you may know, malakas is probably one of the most popular words and swearwords in the Greek language. I hear it all the time when I'm travelling in Greece, and even when I'm in the United States. People can't seem to get enough of it. And its original state, the word means "wanker"...
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    What is the process of drying fresh oregano?

    I was recently gifted an oregano plant and it's been growing great and I've been able to cut off a few leaves. I use the fresh oregano in my cooking, but I would also like to dry the oregano and package it so I can use it later on. What is the process of creating the dried oregano that we see in...
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    What is the one dance that you must know for a Greek wedding?

    I'm going to a Greek wedding very soon and I definitely need to learn a couple of moves. I know that there are so many group dances, and it's pretty much impossible that I'll be able to learn all of them. So I think that it's a good idea that I learn at least one classic dance that will...
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    Greece returns to ‘normal’ Easter tourism after two years pandemic hiatus!

    Beautiful, and thank you for sharing. I would love to visit Greece for Easter one year. I know that is one of the most beautiful times of the year where everyone is gathering together to celebrate one of the most important religious holidays in Greek Orthodoxy. Happy to see it back in action for...
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    Did you know that the Greek groom is supposed to buy his brides shoes?

    I had no idea that they play a miroloi at the beginning of the wedding reception. Is it a way of honoring passed family members? This sounds like a beautiful tradition. I have seen people honor passed loved ones in many different ways at their weddings depending on the culture that they are from.