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    Things to Know When Visiting Greece?

    I found this article very helpful... I am going soon and this isn't my first time, but I still fond this helpful: https://thepointsguy.com/guide/things-to-know-before-visiting-greece/ Do you have anything to add t this list? #3 - find your latest alike - really caught my eye. I am a...
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    Researching the Temple of Poseidon

    I am going to visit Greece soon to take some photos and enjoy the country in general (I am a photographer). One of the stops I plan to make is to the Temple of Poseidon and I was told to go at sunset. What do you guys think of that advice? Anyway, ahead of the trip, I thought I would research...
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    Best Photo Spots in Greece?

    Good point!!! I find that those are often the best photos. Greece is phenomenal no matter where you go. Thank you, all, for your suggestions!
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    Best Photo Spots in Greece?

    I am a photographer and I love to travel to Greece to take photos. I am scheduled to travel there again this fall, and I thought I would make a list of some places to visit. I am also wondering if you guys have any recommendations! Here is what I have come up with - chime in with some...
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    The statue of Kolokotronis

    Built in 1895, the statue of Kolokotronis stands in Athens near the public university. The statue was built in honor of him and his victory in the independence from the Ottoman Empire in liberating Greece. He is known as one of the most famous figures in Greek history, and one of the pivotal...
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    The donkeys of Santorini

    These donkeys are famous! Hailing back from before Santorini was the biggest tourist hotspot, donkeys were used by locals to transport themselves and their goods up the hilly Santorini mountainside. Today, you may see a few donkeys used for these purposes but for the most part they are used for...
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    Strapatsada is Greeces tasty egg dish

    This dish is fantastic! I saw it on the menu for the first time and had to try it. It’s super simple, just eggs and tomato scrambled with feta cheese on top. The name of the dish sounds italian but I’m not sure if it’s origins. I love it and will definitely be making it at home.
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    Assos is the best seaside village in Kefalonia

    If you do I recommend Odyssey boutique hotel!
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    Tickets to Greece are very cheap at the moment for flights before Christmas!

    Exactly, if you don't plan, you plant to fail!
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    What life was like during the Greek military junta

    The junta was a strong military dictatorship in the late 60's and early 70's in Greece. This was a very dark period for many Greeks, especially those who were socialist, communist, or anything leaning towards the left. The government also targeted anyone who was against the brutal dictatorship...
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    Try and make this unique Greek fig and honey yogurt cake

    This recipe is one of them most unique that I have ever seen! I have never tried making it, but I would love to. Has anyone eaten this or made it before? I'm not sure if its a common recipe in Greece. I love that this recipe uses olive oil and Greek yogurt, which I try to incorporate in as many...
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    Greek Government Tradition of not being helpful, so how does one move ahead?

    Sorry to see that you are going through this. You are right my friend.
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    My favourite Athens suburb

    It's very nice to see the lesser shown part of Athens and Greece. The country has such a strong political history and the people have always been involved and pushing for their rights, from Ottoman times to today. Thank you so much for sharing this.
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    What is the process of having a political wedding in Greece?

    Correct. Although this is not common amongst locals, it's very popular with tourists and you will definitely be able to find someone who will do this for you. Unfortunately, I don't know of anyone specific. But if you do some research online you will definitely stumble upon someone.
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    The Canal DAmour in Corfu is stunning

    The Canal D'Amour is located in the Siari neighbhood of Corfu, which is wonderful for eating out at restaurants, watching the sunset, and of course swimming by the beach. The canal is a small inlet of water that is blocked off by two large strips of land on both sides. I have copied links so...
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    Check out this amazing Cretan tune

    Cretan music is truly one of the best! These songs are some of the most popular Cretan songs throughout time and are preformed here as covers by Konstantinos and Ilias Drougas. As you can see in the video, the group is dancing along using Cretan dances, which are pretty popular throughout Greece...
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    Any recommendations for Greek tv comedies to watch as a family?

    Im looking to watch some funny and family friendly Greek tv shows to watch with the family! If anyone has any recommendations for Greek tv shows and where I can find them I would really appreciate it. I have a hard time finding international tv shows online these days. Thanks in advance! 😊
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    Visit the Symposium Cultural Center in Santorini

    The Symposium Cultural Center is a fantastic place to go to when youre visiting the island. You will have access to everything from Greek food, art, history and culture through exhibitions and workshops. If you like hands on activities, I highly recommend that you sign up for a workshops with...
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    How long can you store phyllo in the freezer for?

    I've been stocking up on phyllo from the Greek supermarket for quite some time… about six months in the freezer. How long will it stay fresh for? And when will I need to use it by? If anyone has advice I would really appreciate it.
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    What is your favorite Greek song? 🎶

    This is probably my favorite! It's so majestic