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    Make sure you book in advance! Greece is fully booked this summer!

    I can't say this enough! Please make sure that you book way ahead of time for your trip to Greece. I've been looking for hotels and flights, and almost everything is booked. The only air B&Bs and hotels that are left are either extremely expensive or very remote. It seems that people have been...
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    Spetses is amazing for shopping!

    I haven't heard of many people talk about Spetses on this forum… Which is super strange because it's one of my favourite islands! It's very easy to get to from Athens, and the shopping is just amazing. There are very unique boutiques, with handmade items from Greece, Italy, and Turkey. They are...
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    Koufeta or boubounieres are the most popular Greek wedding favors

    Koufeta which are also called boubounieres are Greek wedding and baptism favors. They are usually nuts covered in chocolate and wrapped in soul with a ribbon. The candies are usually white or pastel colored. They are handed out as a favour at the end of the wedding or baptism, and as a way to...
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    Crete is the best place to explore Greek cuisine

    Crete is absolutely the best place to explore the flavours of Greece! Many agricultural exports come from Crete, which makes it the best place to get the freshest ingredients. Crete also has many local dishes that are unique to the island which are great to try. Here are some links of some of...
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    What is the best Greek food to sneak in vegetables for kids?

    My kids absolutely hate eating vegetables and I am always looking for ways to sneak in more and more vegetables. Does anyone have good Greek dish recommendations that have vegetables that don't taste too strong? Or existing recipes where I can add small pieces of veggies? I would really...
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    A walking tour of Lavrio, Greece

    Lavrio is the coastal town in the southeastern part of Attica which is the region where Athens is located. This is a great place to visit if you want to go to restaurants and shop around, but also be by the water. Personally, I get pretty tired of staying in downtown Athens because there's not...
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    My favorite Greek love poem!

    Greek poetry is some of the best around the world! I've been reading it for years, and this poem still stands to be one of my favorites. Let me know what you think, and of course share your favourites in the forum :) Ode to Aphrodite: Aphrodite, subtle of soul and deathless, Daughter of God...
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    What is considered taboo in Greek culture?

    Every culture has their taboos and stuff that isn't really talked about or normalized. I am wondering what is considered taboo in Greece, and what I should avoid bringing up, or maybe only bring up with caution. Or if there's anything that I should avoid doing because I don't wanna offend...
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    How expensive is it to travel around the Ionian islands by boat?

    Chartering a boat to travel around the Greek Islands is something that I've always wanted to do but that I always assumed wasn't feasible. Has anyone done this with a big group and found that it's a little bit cheaper? Are there any packages or any tips that you recommend for going around the...
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    What is the weather like in Corfu during the winter?

    I am thinking of visiting some friends for New Year's in Corfu this winter, but I have no experience with travelling to Greece outside of the summertime. What is it like in Corfu during December and January? I know that lately there have been a lot of changes to the weather and Greece has seen a...
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    How to make kormos (chocolate salami)

    Whatever you call this dessert: salami, kormos or mosaiko its amazing!
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    Check out these traditional wedding dancers in Mykonos!

    Now this is what I call a wedding! I wish I had an invite LOL
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    How to make Tembelopita Zagoriou aka Greek “lazy pie” from Zagori

    This is for the extra lazy people :) Like me! All you need to do is preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Spray a 9 x 13 baking pan with cooking spray or brush with olive oil or melted butter and set aside. Add 2 cups Greek yogurt and 2 eggs together in a medium bowl and whisk until...
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    About Vlatadon Monastery in Thessaloniki

    This monastery was a royal grant from Byzantine Empress Anna Palaiogos. On the land where the monastery was built, according to legend, the Apostle Paul preached to the Thessalonians in 51 A.D, during his second mission. This is what the monastery looks like, totally worth visiting.
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    Do you recommend makris tichos beach in Rhodes?

    Is this beach nice? Does anyone have any pictures they could post? Im not very trusting of pictures I see online posted by travel agencies
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    Who are your favorite Greek philosophers?

    I saw @amygdalE discussing Greek philosophy so I thought it would be good to get the whole forum involved! Who do you all suggest I read? Ive never read philosophy before
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    Is "12 Nissia" in Rhodes a good gastronomic restaurant?

    I've heard a lot about this restaurant, has anyone ever been? Is it any good? https://www.rodos-palace.gr/12-nissia-fine-dining/
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    How to island hop using ferries!

    This video shows ferry hopping from Paros and Naxos
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    Xan square is a great place to visit in Thessaloniki!

    This square was originally named after the Christian Brotherhood of the Youth of Thessaloniki, also known as XAN for short. You can visit the State Museum of Contemporary Art, the Tower of OTE and International Trade Fair!! I highly suggest you check it out
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    Here is a COVID update for visitors traveling to Kefalonia

    Here is an update if anyone is interested :) https://www.kefaloniabyanna.com/covid-19-update-for-upcoming-visitors-in-kefalonia/