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    Trying to Figure Out Where to Retire in Greece...

    I am not quite there yet, but I am looking to retire in Greece - I just am not sure where is the best place to go. My family is originally from various places all over Greece, and I do have family and friends all over the country. However, I am not really tied to a particular location. I was...
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    Has Anyone Watched a Game in Opap Arena?

    Well, this explains why I couldn't really find anything about it! Thank you! I will watch out for when it is finally open.
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    Has Anyone Watched a Game in Opap Arena?

    I am a huge sports fan but have never watched a football game at Opap Arena. I am trying to figure out if I should take in a game next time I am in Greece. From what I understand, the Arena is in the Athens area? Here's the link...
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    The amazing Sarakiniko beach in Milos

    Sarakiniko beach is probably one of the most stunning ones that I’ve ever been to. I went two summers ago, and from what I’ve heard Milos is becoming more and more popular by the month. I absolutely love this island, especially this beach. It’s a great spot to view the sunset and take photos. I...
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    Mushroom gyros are the best vegan option!

    I just stumbled upon a great souvlaki restaurant that had mushrooms instead of meat! It's called Street Souvlaki (Κατάστημα Ακτή Μιαούλη) in Pireas, if you're passing by, definitely check it out. This is a great option for tourists that are vegan. You can also find recipes to make it at home...
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    Stay on Ermou next time you visit Athens

    Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Athens and getting an Airbnb on Ermou Street. I was a bit hesitant at first because I was worried about the loud nightlife at night, but it was probably one of the best decisions I could ever make. It was in a great location and very close to Monastiraki...
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    How to make simple Greek salad dressing

    Greek salad dressing is so simple! That's why I don't recommend that people buy it at the store. Making it at home is much cheaper, and also much healthier. First, you need to start with one cup of olive oil, half a cup of lemon juice, half a cup of red wine vinegar, and mix it all together...
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    Why Greeks add -akis to everything

    So many people have asked me why everything ends in "akis" and the truth is that it doesn't really! Akis is a suffix that is added to the end of greek words to make them "little" or more cute. It's also the ending of many Cretan last names. For example, dolma (grape leaves) is the official name...
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    Is Santorini actually overrated?

    Agreed. I can't stand Mykonos and I've never even been! I've heard too many bad things to actually go
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    Milos island is becoming more popular than ever!

    I love Milos! It's very quiet and there's usually a more mature crowd there. It's not so much for party and nightlife.
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    These are the top two foods to try in Santorini!

    I love them! A little oily sometimes but they're a great snack
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    Did you know about Ukraines historical Greek community?

    Greeks are all over the world! Even in Ukraine, making them more vulnerable to the war that is going on right now between Ukraine and Russia. This Greek minority has been in Ukraine since Ionians came from the city of Miletus in Asia Minor in around 7th century BC. They settled in an area called...
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    How to dry your own fruit

    Drying fruit is a great way to preserve fresh fruit when you have a bit of extra leftover. There are multiple different methods of drying fruit and this is just one of them. The best fruit that you can dry is figs and apricots. First, you should thoroughly wash the fruit. I like to dry the fruit...
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    Tips for taking taxis in Athens!

    This is really great advice. Everything becomes easier in Greece when you develop a relationship with someone and then are able to depend on them. I highly recommend doing the same.
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    Make sure you bring a dessert or small gift if youre invited to a Greek household

    Amazing!! I try to be as generous as possible, there is nothing like the hospitality I have received in Greece...its astounding
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    How to save money at your Greek wedding

    Great advice, thank you!! :)
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    Be careful, wildfires are spreading all over Greece again

    It's been all over the news… There are wildfires in Crete, Cephalonia, and Athens. This is pretty common in Greece, especially in the summertime so the country is taking extra precautions to get ahead of these wildfires early. Last summer, the country received aid from Italy to help stop the...
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    Here is how Ancient Greeks celebrated the summer solstice

    Perhaps this will give you some inspiration for your own celebration of the solstice! In many different ancient societies, solstices are an extremely important, including Ancient Greece. To celebrate the solstice, the ancient Greeks held a festival each year. The summer solstice was also used as...
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    The secret to making the best dolmadakia!

    Dolmadakia are loved all over the world, and are made religiously on my moms side of the family. The secret to making these so great is in the aromatics that you add to the bottom of the pot. Instead of placing the dolmadakia straight into the bottom of the pot, add a layer of herbs with chopped...
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    How to make healthy Greek bowls for weight loss

    If you want to shed a few pounds, Greek food is an excellent option! The Medittarean diet has been proven to be one of the healthiest diets in the world. The diet focuses on limiting meat consumption and eating healthy vegetables and grains cooked in high quality olive oil. To make healthy Greek...