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    If any one is lucky or has an opportunity to be on Galileo they will never ever forget these experiences.Many years I formulated an itinerary for Aris Drivas Yatching and Galileo was in Mykonos for an initial practice and presentation sailing around the Cyclades!I didn't have time to go sailing...
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    Have you ever tried pistachios from Aegina?

    Please send some over this way to Thailand when you have time!😂👍♥️
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    The real life of Athens is here’ – hidden gems beyond and beneath the Acropolis | Athens holidays |

    Enjoy your time!♥️ https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2022/sep/07/the-real-life-of-athens-is-here-hidden-gems-beyond-and-beneath-the-acropolis?utm_source=eml&utm_medium=emlf&utm_campaign=Email_Roundup01092022_UK&CMP_TU=mrtn&CMP_BUNIT=holys
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    ForwardKeys: Summer 2022 Record Breaking for Flights to Greece!

    Tremendous effort by all concerned,I sincerely hope that Greek Tourism Authorities and Greek Government as PM Mitsotakis has already stated to pay the workers in Tourism Industry fairly and treat them humanely...
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    Mykonos Getting Ready to Host its 1st Running Festival .

    This would be a lot of fun and cool people I am sure..♥️👍-😁 https://news.gtp.gr/2022/09/09/mykonos-getting-ready-to-host-its-1st-running-festival/
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    Attica Group Inaugurates its 3 New AERO Highspeed Vessels

    A truly corporate group of team, should have joined them back in the 90s.... sailed several times Ancona -Patra..... very memorable moments and experience.... unbelievable food onboard and ambience!♥️♥️ https://news.gtp.gr/2022/09/09/attica-group-inaugurates-its-3-new-aero-highspeed-vessels/
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    Greek island of Rhodes seeking to attract tourists during winter also!!

    It might surprise the reader that in my first job in good ol'London town after leaving school in a package Holiday company Rhodes was a thriving winter destination together with Crete and Corfu and Epirotiki Lines were cruising around the Greek islands in the 70s....It always had been an...
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    Mykonos has had its Champagne fuelled Tourism

    Truthfull to the point, saturation beyond belief, this was happening 20 years ago,my friends who have a travel agency told me'Hash if you want the remember your Mykonos don't come back, keep those memories'thats how much they are fed up with their lives there when it takes 30 minutes just to get...
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    Mind-opening Wellness Tips Post Covid - The Greek Vibe!

    Maria is a dear friend on Twitter..... abundance of goodness here... Enjoy... let me know what you think? https://www.thegreekvibe.com/mind-opening-tips-for-covid-19-times/
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    Check out Vouliagmeni for classy beachside restaurants

    Many years ago I also used to live in Ano Glyfada......we always used to go to all the beach areas around there and Varkiza.....a little secluded and not so busy in those days.....the night clubs were amazing...be lovely to have an update from anyone visiting this year..... Yasou apo mena from...
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    Architectural Competition Opens for Athens Archaeological Museum |

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    Nearly 8 Million Tourists Visit Greece in First Half of Year

    Now I am confused about this....All along I have read the incoming numbers surpassed 2019 to date, granted this doesn't include July and August and September to go yet!.... https://news.gtp.gr/2022/08/22/nearly-8-million-tourists-visit-greece-in-first-half-of-year/
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    Flights to the islands have become cheaper than taking ferries!

    So true I have always taken Ferries from RAFINA as it is so unwinding after 3 flights, overnight flyings all so stressful and that bus journey from the airport to RAFINA passing through the vineyards and getting on the Ferries, slower the better.... heavenly... Kalley Mera!
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    Did you know that wine is super cheap in Greece?

    The best time for us who used to work in blistering heat all summer day in day out without a day off nonstop 7 months was to make a picnic of fresh bread olives, different kinds of cheeses,cold Mezedes like fava, Taramasalata,Tzadsiki,Meliztzana,fasuolia and gallons of wine 😂😂🍷🍷......go...
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    How the Ancient Greeks Invented the Anchors for Boats.

    Fascinating reading. https://greekreporter.com/2022/08/13/anchor/
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    Did you know that wine is super cheap in Greece?

    Pame ta pumey ligo mey Mezedes!?.... Kalley Mera from Thailand and Monsoons....vargemey vroigi.. kathe mera nightaah!! 😂😂
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    Flights to the islands have become cheaper than taking ferries!

    Good advice!..... this summer is testing times for all operators, with fuel prices going up, there are new ferries operating as well as more Airlines flying interisland destinations too!
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    Greek travel tips for the summer!

    As I write Santorini and Mykonos are in overbooking mode!The rates are much higher than previous years!I will write detailed information later on!
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    Greek travel tips for the summer!

    That's right swim wear and flip flops!😂!.... Good advice!.... They are extremely under pressure in all areas of Tourism !
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    August 2022 Music and Cultural Festivals in Greece !

    Have a good time!♥️♥️ https://news.gtp.gr/2022/07/28/august-2022-music-and-cultural-festivals-in-greece/