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    Some of my favourite Greek music..Journey into the past for all here to enjoy!❤️👌

    https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1E39mzI0PABB2d?si=XhhBsvogTECE_XK2ZXPtsQ&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1 Hope all can listen on Spotify!🤗
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    Where to go hiking in Mykonos

    You are You are welcome! Many more later on!... Just ask.!🤗
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    Where to go hiking in Mykonos

    Safe with training shoes.... when I spent winters there,I wore hiking boots because more comfortable to do so..... Enjoy, let me know your experiences!🤗..... Good Morning from Thailand and monsoons beginning...
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    Are there any churches to visit in Mykonos?

    https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g2296448-d524603-Reviews-Monastery_of_Panayia_Tourliani-Ano_Mera_Mykonos_Cyclades_South_Aegean.html A must!....
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    Where to go hiking in Mykonos

    Behind Kalafatis beach up to the hidden air base.....on top of Kalo Livadi beach and over to Elia beach....... Behind Ano Mera towards Agrari beach, stunning views......the road from the light house coming towards the Tourlos port..... breathtaking views of Tinos and Syros ...... road from...
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    What is the history of Thule tomb in Mykonos?

    Ans And structural engineering to support the weight of the building around the beams and that the discovery and findings do not get interrupted,I was there when the process was taking place having lived there.Kalley Mera apo mena from Thailand and monsoons beginning!
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    Launch of Celebrity Cruises Apex in Greece

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    This gave me goose bumps!I would volunteer tomorrow if I could..A true Eye Opener!

    You are welcome,my friend who I haven't contacted for a while has a dive centre in Mykonos and has carried out some interesting projects in Marine preservation over 30 years....I will ask later on to send me some videos of the underwater world around Mykonos and post them here.
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    Non traditional gyro with olives and hot peppers

    This made my mouth water... absolutely delicious looking and very healthy..... nice touch with krassi...👌 Bravo sas for posting!🤗👌!
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    This gave me goose bumps!I would volunteer tomorrow if I could..A true Eye Opener!

    Look what I shared: Mission in Santorini - Healthy Seas on Vimeo @MIUI| https://vimeo.com/557312305
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    Get away from Mykonos parties at the ruins of Gyzi castle!

    Yiassou key Sena!Of course I have,be specific so I can give you my opinions.Good input from our moderator here, plenty going on in Mykonos away from it all so to speak, how long and when are you going there and what do like doing so I can help? ....where are you staying in Mykonos?
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    Travel updates and Ferry protocols-Superbly presented!+Travel by sea requirements👌🤗

    Look what I shared: Greece Covid-19 Updates: Travel Updates & Ferry Protocols | Greeka @MIUI| https://www.greeka.com/greece-covid-19-updates/...
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    Travel rules for International flights

    You are welcome!,I know the situation there,it is under pressure, they are trying their best,the email I received is from a dear friend's wife who is a travel agent and her husband manages a travel office... Polleeee Kalley Mera from Thailand and monsoons beginning..
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    Greek islands aim to go 'Covid free' to welcome back tourists❤️❤️👌

    BBC News: Greek islands aim to go 'Covid-free' to welcome back tourists - BBC News.
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    New Rules Guidelines and update of entry to Greece

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    Travel rules for International flights

    I nearly fell off my hammock laughing reading this😂😂, Efgharisto polee for this,I lived in Mykonos for many years and I couldn't be more chilled!.... Thanks again,I first went to Elllada back in 1970...I know I sound a little strict when posting up important travel requirements because it is...
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    Where is the best place to party in Greece (besides Mykonos)?

    Ok so how can I help here,I lived in Mykonos for many years,the party places for your daughter, perhaps she would like to be young people all the time?...take a look at this first,she can do both, stay in party areas, paradise beach has organised beach party scene in all the beach,then there...
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    Greece updated Travel rules,Allows entry to Digital Covid Certificate Holders

    You are You are welcome!, will keep you and all here updated as soon as news arrive!🤗
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    Travel rules for International flights

    Greece this year is in the fore front of European Leadership in Travel protocols and very much respected for this.
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    Do people use travel agents in Greece?

    Having worked in Tourism in Mykonos I would use a local travel agent for sure...is still the best option when once in Athens for example, many professional Travel Agents giving superb advice and really depends on how much time have,the best rates also at the last minute booking, again depends...