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    The best times to visit Santorini

    I love Santorini anytime between May and October. Weather-wise May can be challenging - there are intense winds, and also things haven't quite woken up.
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    Best local Santorini cuisine

    Love it! The wine on Santorini is so good, isn't it?
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    Our lovely lunch on the beach in Santorini

    Wow, the food is so simple, delicious, and beautiful on Santorini. It looks absolutely amazing, thank you for sharing!
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    Make sure to conserve water while in Santorini!

    This is so crazy, we take "running water" completely for granted. The water issue looks like it could become a huge problem. We all need to do our part!
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    Best local Santorini cuisine

    I would like to add that it is fairly easy to find these specialties while on the island. Most restaurants and tavernas have plenty of local choices. Oh, and don't forget to drink some local wine with your meals!
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    How hot does it get in Santorini in August?

    I agree, the heat doesn't feel bad, since the humidity is so low.
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    Best local Santorini cuisine

    Yes to all of the above. The tomatoes were my personal favorite, and I enjoyed the domatokeftedes quite a bit. They're on a lot of local menus and it is a local specialty. The island's volcanic past makes the produce taste much different - the soil has different nutrients, so these special...
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    This gave me goose bumps!I would volunteer tomorrow if I could..A true Eye Opener!

    Thank you for sharing this. It is so sad what is happening to the planet. The fact that it affects beautiful places like Santorini is even worse!
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    How hot does it get in Santorini in August?

    It's very hot! Upper 80's/90's Fahrenheit. I would pack beach clothes!
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    Is Santorini walkable?

    Santorini can be walkable, but sometimes walking isn't comfortable. The island isn't quite small enough to be able to walk it. There is a bus. You can also take a taxi. There aren't really many rental cars. I've walked up and down the giant hill at Oia, and that is doable but a little hard.