1. auroracoor1

    Was Santorini Really Atlantis?

    I am getting a big kick studying stories from Greek Mythology. The Lost Kingdom of Atlantis has always fascinated me, mainly because some speculate that it was a real place that no longer exists. Some speculate that the portion of Santorini that collapsed into the sea after the volcano erupted...
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    I want to make Domatakeftedes at home...

    I saw a recipe in a Greek cookbook somewhere called "Domatakeftedes" or tomato croquettes. It looked delicious, but I can't find it! Does anyone know of any good recipes? I love tomatoes, and I had this dish once somewhere and thought it was amazing. From what I understand it's a specialty on...
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    List of Greek Myths that Happened on Crete?

    I am making a list of places on Crete that have to do with Greek Mythology and I am wondering if I missed anything: * Cave of Zeus (Diktaion) * Knossos Palace * Minotaur's Labyrinth * Paximadia - I read someone this is where Artemis and Apollo were born supposedly? Did I miss anything or get...
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    Visiting Theriso on Crete.. Advice?

    Lately I have heard so much about Theriso and how great it is, particularly the food. It seems like it is a "must visit" on Crete. What do you guys think? Do you have any advice for me? I have been looking into Cretan cuisine and wanting to collect information for my next trip to Greece.
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    What is Cretan Cuisine Like?

    As I have been researching Greek food, culture, and recipes I came across information about the cuisine of the island of Crete, which looks to be a bit different than the rest of Greece. Is my impression true? Here are some of my observations: ** The food is ultra fresh and most people eat...
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    Mentions of Food in Greek Mythology

    When I was in school, I remember learning about Greek Mythology in school and reading some of the myths and legends. I actually don't remember the specifics of the stories, but I was just thinking that I DO remember the food mentions! I came across this article when I was trying to research it...
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    Could I Use Different Greens in My Pita?

    The there day, I tried to follow a spanakopita recipe that I actually shared here, and I ran out of spinach! So, I actually ran down to the store to get some. However, I had kale on hand, and I wondered the whole time I was driving if I should have just used the kale. I didn't need much more...
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    Greek Table Etiquette?

    I haven't really thought of this, but there is a lot of etiquette for dining in the Greek culture. What do you guys think? It looks like there is a lot to think about: https://www.etiquettescholar.com/dining_etiquette/table-etiquette/europe-m_table_manners/greek.html In particular, the section...
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    Favorite Easy Spanakopita Recipe?

    My family loves spanakopita, and I have never made it before. I want to surprise them. Does anyone have a good recipe to share? I was thinking of following this one, but I am not sure: https://www.themediterraneandish.com/spanakopita-recipe-greek-spinach-pie/
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    Dont worry, you can always have breakfast on the ferry

    I’ve taken countless ferries across the Greek islands, and I always seem to be rushing to get on the boat in time. One thing that I love about Greek ferries, is that there’s always a café on board where you can buy snacks, pastries, and coffee. It’s a little bit pricey, so keep that in mind. You...
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    How to keep herbs fresh!

    Herbs are a huge part of Greek cooking, and I always struggle to keep herbs fresh in the fridge. After a few days they always turn wilted and brown and I don't get to use them for my dishes. In Greek cooking, the main herbs that are used are parsley and dill. I've heard of some people using...
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    Did you know that Greek milk soup exists?

    Milk soup sounds a bit strange to those who haven't heard of it before but its totally worth trying this recipe out! In Greek, this soup is called Matsi me Gala. It is a very old, traditional recipe that is still being served all over Greece but its not as popular now. Ingredients - 4 cups...
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    Assos is the best seaside village in Kefalonia

    Assos is one of the best spots to visit in Kefalonia because you get a small town village vibe but its right by the water!
  14. auroracoor1

    Pictures of the beautiful Mykonos

    Mykonos is such a beautiful island, don't take it for granted just because it sometimes gets a bad reputation!! Post your Mykonos pics so we can see the true Mykonos
  15. auroracoor1

    Greek fries are the best for a get together!

    I like to buy frozen fries and make these at home in the oven by sprinkling some feta on top!!! So easy and too good :)
  16. auroracoor1

    What are some of the best fall/winter Greek soups?

    I really want to get into cooking some hearty soups for the fall! Any recommendations for traditional Greek soups?
  17. auroracoor1

    Making Greek sesame cookies!

    I love these cookies! All you need to do is add tahini and sugar to a large mixing bowl and cream together on medium speed with an electric mixer until well combined. With the mixer on low speed, slowly add the cardamom and vanilla extract and beat until incorporated. Slowly add the water and...
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    Insightful interview with Mikis Theodorakis (RIP)

    It is so cool to see Theodorakis talk like this, very sad that he is gone
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    These islands in Greece have the best beaches!

    Lets be honest, good beaches are the most important thing for a good vacation :) These are some of the best in my opinion after doing some research and looking at a bunch of pictures: Crete, Santorini, Mykonos Zakynthos. Because Crete is such a big island, they have the most options and the most...
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    Top Beaches Near Chora, Mykonos

    These are the best in my opinion: Megali Amos, Agios Stefanos, Korfos, Ornos and Paradise