1. dpappas87

    Favorite Greek winter desserts or cookies?

    I love to bake in the winter and now with Christmas coming up, the urge is even stronger. I do plan to make melamakarona and baklava but I want to try one other thing. Maybe something like a spice cookie? I recently had something that was like a kouoloraki but it had a different texture and used...
  2. dpappas87

    What if I can't find Greek honey?

    Thank you all for chiming in! I decided not to tempt it - if I can't find Greek honey locally I will just buy it online.
  3. dpappas87

    What if I can't find Greek honey?

    When I cook Greek dessert recipes, I tend to use whatever honey I have in the house. I've never really thought about it. Now, I am wondering if everything will taste better if I take the time to track down some Greek honey. Do you guys notice much of a difference? I am getting ready to start my...
  4. dpappas87

    Questions about making melamakarona...

    I am getting ready to make melamakarona (doing a test run before Christmas) and it's been a while ... I have some questions! ** I see some recipes that use all-purpose flour, and some that use semolina. Which is better? Does it matteR? ** A lot of recipes use a combo of nutmeg, cinnamon, and...
  5. dpappas87

    Food in Greece is Ultra Fresh

    That's a really good idea! If I make my food supply a lot more local, especially for produce, I bet that will help.
  6. dpappas87

    Food in Greece is Ultra Fresh

    I have realized that one of the great things about the food in Greece is that it is ultra fresh. Vegetables and fruits are eaten after they are picked. Seafood is freshly caught, that kind of thing. I think it is so much better to eat this way, but unfortunately it's hard to do outside of...
  7. dpappas87

    Info about the Greek Mediterranean diet

    I love Greek food and I am trying to stay healthy and lose weight. So, I have been following a healthy lifestyle and trying to adopt the Mediterranean diet. I noticed that some Greek foods are kind of meat oriented, but I have realized that a lot of these foods aren't eaten every day. So, I have...
  8. dpappas87

    Advice for Staying Fit While on Vacation in Greece?

    Oh! I like the sound of this, thank you! I will start researching this area, it seems like there are a lot of opportunities here.
  9. dpappas87

    Advice for Staying Fit While on Vacation in Greece?

    I live in California, and I am used to living a pretty fit lifestyle. Recently, I have been a weight loss journey, connecting to my Greek roots and the healthy foods that are part of the Mediterranean diet. Although I wasn't active for a long time, I have found that there are plenty of...
  10. dpappas87

    Making a List of Healthy Greek Dishes to Cook at Home

    It's still summer, and there is plenty of fresh produce left to eat. I think about the time I have spent in Greece and how healthy I have felt eating that way, and I want to replicate this while home outside of Greece. So, I thought I would make a list of some of my favorite, healthy Greek...
  11. dpappas87

    How authentic Greek feta is made

    This process is just so cool
  12. dpappas87

    A little bit about Katharevousa (formal Greek)

    This is some cool info I found out about katharevousa. Greek is the official language and is spoken by nearly all the citizens. It is an Indo-European language that has been used in this area since the second millenium B.C.E. , although it has undergone considerable change. A major division...
  13. dpappas87

    The best beach clubs in Mykonos!

    What was the vibe like?
  14. dpappas87

    Where to go hiking in Mykonos

    Honestly Greece is amazing during the wintertime, especially Christmas when everyone is celebrating and in such a cheerful mood. I highly recommend visiting :)
  15. dpappas87

    The best landmarks to see in Athens (in my opinion)

    The Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum of course!
  16. dpappas87

    Is Houlakia beach in Mykonos nice?

    I think it's totally worth it! The beach takes its name from the smooth and beautiful pebbles that are a characteristic of this area. The location is only 5 minutes’ drive away from Mykonos Town so its super convenient
  17. dpappas87

    Here are some things to do in Lakones, Corfu

    I love visiting little villages like this. I've heard there aren't many tourists there either
  18. dpappas87

    The Greek mythological story of Narcissus and Echo

    I love how this story plays on the name narcissist! So cool
  19. dpappas87

    Greek style fried bread (ladopsomo)

    I looooove ladopsomo :) so tasty
  20. dpappas87

    It is very hot this week.

    Ohhh I see https://mapcarta.com/Afandou is this the village?