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    Has anyone here seen a performance in Epidavros?

    I am so fascinated by Ancient Greek history and from what I understand, some of the ancient theaters are still intact and performances are being held there. I've been research Epidavros and noticed that they hold performances there in the summer. Has anyone been? What was it like? I've seen...
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    Planning first trip to Athens for 2023

    I appreciate everyone's feedback - thank you so much. You've all given me a lot to think about.
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    Day trips from Athens to Hydra?

    Thank you, all - I am going to plan to do this. Appreciate your feedback!
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    Day trips from Athens to Hydra?

    Do you think I can pull off visiting Hydra for a day trip from Athens? I want to make sure I have enough time there. We are visiting Greece soon for the first time (next year) and we are going to stay in the Athens are the whole time - but we would like to branch out and visiting Hydra seems...
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    Planning first trip to Athens for 2023

    I have gotten the impression that people often try to do too much when they are in Greece. I have experienced the same feeling when I've taken other trips. Cruises with nonstop itineraries, planning a trip myself and trying to do too much - I want to feel refreshed when I vacation, and that I...
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    Planning first trip to Athens for 2023

    My wife and I want to go to Greece for the first time. We were going to stick with the Athens area and use it for a home base. We both want to see a lot of the history things in the city and in the area, like the Parthenon. We also might want to go to Marathon, maybe Delphi. Are any of these...
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    What place in Greece do you regret travelling to?

    I was just thinking of visiting Mykonos...Hmmm I think In need to do some research before I reconsider.
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    Is it traditional to put dill in tzatziki?

    I personally like both versions. But I have never seen it with dill in Greece. Not sure why though.
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    Is Mykonos noisy at night?

    Don't get me wrong, I am super excited to see all of the nightlife in Mykonos when I visit this summer, but I am a little concerned about the noise level at night past 2 am. Is it still noisy at this time? I don't stay out too too late, and I would love to be able to get some sleep after I come...
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    Did you know about Greek ice cream made with mastic?

    Mastic is one of the most unique flavors and ingredients that has com from Greece. The best mastic comes from Chios and is harvested year round. It is one of their most popular exports and is used in a variety of recipes but one of my favorites is mastic ice cream otherwise known as kaimaki. If...
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    How to make healthier Greek gyros!

    Healthy Greek gyros are really good to make if you're trying to be a bit more careful of what you eat. In my opinion, chicken souvlaki made with chicken breast is going to be a healthier option. When youre cooking it at home, I recommend using a bit less oil and marinating the chicken in fat...
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    How to make tsoureki just in time for Easter

    Tsoureki is probably one of the most famous breads that comes out of Greece. It is made almost exclusively for Easter, but in my opinion you can make it pretty much anytime because it's that good. You can find most of the ingredients at the regular grocery store, but you might need to make a...
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    Do you know what is better than a weekend?....It is Greekend!♥️

    I wish I could take a Greekend right now
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    What are the best Greek mythology books for teens?

    I used to have Greek Myths for Young Children! You're bringing back so many memories
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    The best wineries to go visit in Santorini

    Visiting wineries is one of the best things you can do in Santorini because you get to learn about the process and taste a bunch of different wines. These are some of the most popular and famous wineries in Santorini, which you'll likely need to book ahead of time because they get very full...
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    How to make gemista (Greek stuffed vegetables)

    Gemista are a super easy and healthy! The vegetable of your choice is stuffed with meat and rice, making it a super balanced meal. Depending on your style, you can add many different herbs and aromatics. I prefer to add parsley and dill,, but you can also add fresh thyme and oregano. The classic...
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    Best seafood restaurants in Crete so you can try Cretan snails!

    Seafood is popular all over Greece but snails are a Cretan staple that you usually don't find anywhere else in Greece. If you're able to find a good fish tavern, that's your best bet at getting the most fresh and delicious snails. Here are a few of my recommendations... Ntounias Vranas Zeyfros...
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    Asclepius,god of medicine 470 BC!

    I love Greek twitter!
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    YOU will choose the winner of this Year's Photo Competition! 5 finalists!

    See everyone on the next cruise once covid ends HAHAHA