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    The best times to visit Santorini

    Late September, October, and even early November are fantastic months to see Santorini! Hotels, restaurants, cafes, the wineries are still operating, some of them are open throughout the year and the weather is still warm.
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    What are your recommendations for Santorini?

    Venetsanos is wonderful, also Santo Wines, Gavalas, Artemis Karamolegos!
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    The best foods to try while in Santorini

    Tomato fritters, fava cooked in various recipes, caper and capes leaves in your salad and of course the fantastic wines (white: Assyrtiko, Nykteri, Aidani, Athiri, Red: Mavrotragano, Mandilaria, and the famous sweet wine Vinsanto from Assyrtiko, Athiri, and Aidani). There is also the fantastic...
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    What are your recommendations for Santorini?

    Don't miss the Akrotiri Archaeological Site, an evening in Oia, visit and winetasting in 2-3 wineries at least, a sunset cruise of the caldera, a hike Fira - Oia! Enjoy your stay :)
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    The best wineries to go visit in Santorini

    Did you know that nowadays there are 18 wineries on Santorini and one in Thirassia? They all produce fantastic wines! Do not miss the famous Assyrtiko and Vinsanto, the famous sweet wine from sun-dried grapes!