1. ssherie_

    Getting into the mindset of Ancient Greek religion

    I really want to learn and understand about the Greek mythological stories and gods and goddesses... but I just realized that I have been missing the point somewhat. I think of this as literature. It wasn't to them. It was part of their every day lives and was their "religion". I want to...
  2. ssherie_

    List of Olympian Gods?

    Seems like there is a whole mindset involved with understanding the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece. I tend to think of it under a literature framework, but there is more to it! This feels like something I can explore...
  3. ssherie_

    List of Olympian Gods?

    There are so many gods and goddesses of Greek Mythology I am trying to keep it all straight. There are 12 Olympians - some lists have different gods and goddesses listed. Does this look right? 1. Zues 2. Hera 3. Poseidon 4. Demeter 5. Athena 6. Apollo 7. Artemis 8. Ares 9. Aphrodite 10...
  4. ssherie_

    Good Vegan Stuffed Grape Leaves?

    I typically make my stuffed grape leaves with meat, but one of my New Year's goals is to not eat as much meat. Can I simply use my normal recipe but get rid of the meat? My gut is I might need more olive oil, maybe more herbs. I don't know, it might be helpful to see what people are doing.
  5. ssherie_

    Good Greek Foods for Weight Loss?

    It's a bit of a cliche but new year, new health goals! I thought I would make a list of some healthy Greek dishes. Please chime in with any suggestions. I have a few pounds to lose, but more than that, I love that the Greek diet can be so healthy! ** Greek lentil soup ** Homemade Greek country...
  6. ssherie_

    Problem solving my melomakarona....

    Thank you for the advice!! It ended up being really helpful.
  7. ssherie_

    Food to Serve on New Year's Eve?

    I am hosting a New Year's Eve gathering and I am curious which Greek dishes to serve? I already know that it is traditional to serve Vasilopita. I found a recipe, and plan on hiding a gold coin inside. Other than that, what should I serve? I want to have a lot of Greek foods on the menu. Since...
  8. ssherie_

    Problem solving my melomakarona....

    I have been trying to melomakarona for Christmas this year and I am having trouble. My first batch was a disaster - I overcooked them and they were pretty burned. No salvaging it. So, that is my first problem - but I know to cook it less to fix this issue. The second issue is that they are...
  9. ssherie_

    Information about Delos in Greek Mythology?

    Thank you! I appreciate you chiming in.
  10. ssherie_

    Visiting the Lindos Acropolis

    In my research about the island of Rhodes, I have spent a lot of time learning about the Knights of Saint John and their influence on the island. Then I realized that there's an ancient history here, too. Has anyone visited the Lindos Acropolis? Do you think I should take a tour or can I learn...
  11. ssherie_

    Information about Delos in Greek Mythology?

    I am interested in visiting Delos. It's so fascinating! I love learning about Greek Mythology and I wonder if Delos has ties to Greek Mythology? This is a bit I found about Delos from the Wikipedia page: Delos had a position as a holy sanctuary for a millennium before Olympian Greek Mythology...
  12. ssherie_

    Islands near Rhodes to visit?

    I am planning a trip to Greece and am going to be visiting Rhodes for the first time. I also plan to spend some time in Athens. I feel like I need to visit one other place. Maybe another island that is easy to get to from Rhodes? Which islands are close and also worth visiting? I heard Kos was...
  13. ssherie_

    Traveling to Rhodes for the First Time?

    Thank you everyone for chiming in! I can't wait for my trip. It seems like a cool place since there is an ancient history, recognizable medieval history, gorgeous beaches, wonderful culture, etc. Seems like I can see and do a lot and really enjoy it.
  14. ssherie_

    Traveling to Rhodes for the First Time?

    I am researching potential places to visit in Greece. Rhodes is on the list because someone told me it was a great place to go to imagine the times when the Greek mythological stories were a prevalent part of the culture (Mandraki Harbor). I was thinking of spending a bit of time there. Do you...
  15. ssherie_

    Where Exactly is the Cave of Zeus?

    Oh! Thanks - I didn't know it's real name. I found it.
  16. ssherie_

    Where Exactly is the Cave of Zeus?

    Does anyone know about the Cave of Zeus in Crete? I am trying to figure out how to get to it, but I am not sure on what it is and how to get there. I learned about it from TripAdvisor...
  17. ssherie_

    Mythological Places in Greece to Visit?

    I didn't know if I should put this here or in the travel forum but I am curious... where should I visit in Greece if I want to be in touch with Greek Mythology? I understand that there are some notable places. Here is a list of what I have come up with. Can you think of anything to add? Mount...
  18. ssherie_

    Are there any good sports bars in Rhodes?

    My friend is visiting Rhodes at the moment and I told him that this forum is a great place to ask niche questions! He's looking for a sports bar to watch the FIFA World Cup qualifiers next week, are there any good spots with big tvs that would most likely be showing the games?
  19. ssherie_

    Which areas in Athens have live Greek music?

    I'd love to have the opportunity to see a nice zeibekiko or kalamatiano live! Are there any areas where I can find a good spot with good live music? I really want to get a taste of the culture and have fun!
  20. ssherie_

    What languages are most similar to Greek?

    I am sooo curious...are there any languages that have similarities to Greek? I know that Greece doesn't derive from another language, but does anyone who speaks another language have an easier time learning Greek?