1. paharo45

    Great Neighborhoods to Visit in Athens?

    I know that Athens is a big city, and I tend to do the same things all the time. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love what I end up doing in the city. Here is where I visit: Plaka - it's touristy, but I love it Monastiraki - I really love the flea market! Syntagma - I like to hang around at the...
  2. paharo45

    Advice making a smaller pastitsio

    I love pastitsio, but my recipe calls for making it in a huge pan (bigger than a 9 x 13 and I think even bigger than a lasagna pan). Sometimes, I don't want to make that much! I am trying to wrap my mind around how to reduce the portions. I know I could halve the recipe but some of the issue is...
  3. paharo45

    Strapatsada (Greek eggs) questions

    There is this Greek egg dish with tomato that I really like. I have had it both with fried eggs and scrambled eggs. I love both versions, but don' know how to make the dish and would love to learn. Most recipes I see are for the scrambled eggs version. Does anyone know how to make it with fried...
  4. paharo45

    Greek Breakfast Recipes?

    I have seen this for sure. I think that people are pretty good about eating when they are hungry and many Greeks don't seem to be hungry when they wake up but I was thinking that when they eat breakfast (even if it is rare) I was curious what they reached for.
  5. paharo45

    Greek Breakfast Recipes?

    I am trying to figure out what Greeks typically eat/cook for breakfast. It doesn't seem to be that big of a meal in Greece and every time I ask someone what they eat for breakfast, I get different answers - and it's always pretty simple. Fruit, pita, olives, cheese, maybe some bread. Yogurt -...
  6. paharo45

    How do you make your tiropita (cheese pita)?

    Interesting, what is farmer's cheese? I might try this.
  7. paharo45

    Making Greek Mushroom Frikase

    What types of mushrooms are used for dishes like this? I want to learn how to make it, but I am not sure where to start because I can't really find recipes. Is it simply sautéed mushrooms finished with an egg and lemon sauce made from mushroom broth? I saw one version where the mushrooms were...
  8. paharo45

    Can You Think of Any Greek Dishes with Mushrooms?

    Agreed, these are some helpful suggestions. I have some friends who might have come from northern Greece because I have noticed that they do make a dish now and then that includes mushrooms. I think it might be the dish with the egg and lemon sauce! I would love to make it some day.
  9. paharo45

    Can You Think of Any Greek Dishes with Mushrooms?

    So, I am still learning my way around Greek cuisine. I love mushrooms and I have yet to find any Greek dishes that include mushrooms. I know that they are found in Greece and you can buy mushrooms in the markets. I saw a segment on TV (I don't remember where) about a mushroom farmer in Greece...
  10. paharo45

    Making Gluten Free Pasta for Greek Recipes

    I have some people in my life who need a gluten free diet. When I have them over, I like to accommodate. However, it is easier said than done sometimes. I find that most other people don't even notice if I sneak a gluten free pasta in my Greek food here and there. I know I could always...
  11. paharo45

    Gluten Free Greek Cooking Tips?

    At the Greek restaurant where I work, I noticed that some of the patrons come in and ask about which dishes are gluten free dishes. The restaurant does a great job accommodating these customers, but I am curious. What do Gluten Free Greeks do at home? How do they navigate? Here are some things...
  12. paharo45

    Can I Make Moussaka Vegetarian?

    This is perfect - thank you so much! I think I will try a meat substitute first, and maybe also the chopped mushrooms.
  13. paharo45

    Can I Make Moussaka Vegetarian?

    Most of the Moussaka recipes I have seen have meat. I am not actually a vegetarian but I am just not sure if I will like the dish as much with meat in it. Can I simply omit the meat from this dish or should I actually track down a vegetarian recipe? Do you guys have any suggestions?
  14. paharo45

    Making the Pastitsio "Krema"

    I am just starting to learn how to make pastitsio and I found this thread to be very helpful. Hopefully, the whole dish comes together well.
  15. paharo45

    Learning How to Cook Classic Greek Dishes

    Thank you! I looked at a pastitsio recipe recently and it doesn't look bad. Though, it looks like the sauce that goes on the top could be tricky.
  16. paharo45

    Learning How to Cook Classic Greek Dishes

    I am an Armenian-American but I have a lot of Greek friends and I currently work at a Greek restaurant. I don't know how to cook the traditional Greek foods so I am really just waiting tables, but I am fascinated by the cuisine and want to work in the kitchen. I thought maybe if I studies Greek...
  17. paharo45

    Good Greek Recipes for Fall

    Kapama looks like a good dish for me to learn how to cook. I've had this before, but have never made it. This looks like a good dish for this time of year.
  18. paharo45

    Travel requirements for Greece and Cyprus updated!

    To enter Cyprus and Greece, you are required to have a negative PCR test. Both countries are also requiring that you fill out specific forms when you enter. You should also bring a proof of vaccination that is preferably translated into English or Greek. Some people usually carry these on their...
  19. paharo45

    Check out this traditional Cretan song and dance in Rethymno, Crete

    Cretan music is so lively!! How I wish to be in Crete right now to watch these talented musicians and dancers
  20. paharo45

    Learn these "travel survival phrases" in Greek

    I wish I knew more Greek! Thanks for sharing