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    Most interesting stories of Greek mythology?

    I have gotten into studying Greek Mythology. So far, I have looked into the story of Icarus and the War of the Titans. Does anyone have any advice for stories I should check out? On my list also is to read the Iliad and the Odyssey. I tend to like stories of adventure - the Icarus tale I found...
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    Preserving Fresh Herbs from the Store?

    It's cold out and I don't have garden herbs. I have some herbs growing indoors but not everything I need. So, I have been buying them at the store. They don't last long at all! They're good maybe for 2-3 days but then I have to toss them. Any advice on how to keep them fresh or maybe even...
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    How to Make Soutzoukakia?

    I recently had soutzoukakia and I loved it! They seemed similar to Keftedes meatballs but they were shaped differently, and I couldn't tell but they may have been grilled? Does anyone know how to make these? I was just going to make my regular meatball recipe and put it on a stick and cook it...
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    Share Photos of Thessaloniki!

    This is one of my favorite places. I thought I would create a space for us to share our favorite photos. I'll start!
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    How old was Icarus when he died?

    I think the common thinking is that he was around 12 or 13, but you're right, I have seen different ages. He is referred to as a "boy" in the stories, so that rules some things out. I think that the common, most accepted way of thinking about his age is that he was old enough to know better, but...
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    Alternative Greek Sauces to Use Instead of Tzatziki

    As much as I love tzatziki, I don't always have some on hand, either because I haven't found any at the store, or I don't have all the ingredients and can't make it. What can I use instead? I use my tzatziki in the following ways: As a dip for vegetables A condiment for sandwiches (like...
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    Can I Use Dried Dill Instead of Fresh?

    I don't always have fresh dill on hand and I have trouble making it grow indoors... I like to make tzatziki and I love dill in that, and also in my spinach pie. Will it work to use dried dill? It doesn't have a very strong aroma, and I am trying to figure out if using dried dill is generally a...
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    Tips for Making Tzatziki at Home

    I wanted to share with you all that I discovered a secret for making Greek yogurt at home. I never knew that you should salt the cucumbers and let some of the water drain before you make them! My tzatziki was getting slimy before I discovered this trick. I also learned that it really helps to...
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    Off the Beaten Track Greece Travel?

    I know, it's fun to visit the major places in Greece, but I also want to start exploring some of the more obscure places - the beautiful parts of Greece that tourists tend to overlook. I have been asking around and people have told me the following: 1. Go to Greece in an off peak time, like in...
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    I love the White Tower in Thessaloniki...

    I love cities that have beautiful landmarks. Thessaloniki wouldn't be the same without the white tower! I thought I'd share a pic of the place. Please share yours if you have them... it's really a great, iconic place with lots of history.
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    Best Time to Visit the Sea Turtles in Kefalonia

    I am hoping to some day see the sea turtles in Kefalonia and I think next year might be it. I hear they only go at certain times of the year. Does anyone know about this? If I travel in June will I see them? I heard that they also only go to certain beaches? Has anyone here seen them? I am so...
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    Pics of Favorite Greek Beaches?

    I want to see your best pics of favorite beaches in Greece. I bet they're all gorgeous but let me get things started. This is Elafonisi Beach on Crete.
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    Great Beaches to Visit on the Island of Crete

    Crete has some of the best beaches I have ever seen. I thought I'd share this link I found: https://www.planetware.com/greece/top-rated-beaches-on-crete-gr-1-11.htm I haven't been to Crete in a while, but the next time I go to Greece, I was thinking of spending a few days here. I have only...
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    The amazing Sarakiniko beach in Milos

    Be aware that Milos is super booked up! They’re having a hard time managing the new influx of tourists. We had a hard time finding a place to eat and a car to rent 😅
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    Who is eligible for a ferry discount

    That’s very helpful!! 😊 I assumed it was only available for Greek students
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    The donkeys of Santorini

    Hahaha that’s unfortunate!! Yes, the donkeys have been doing this for years
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    Could the Parthenon marbles be returned to Greece?

    There is finally some hope in the constant and ongoing battle to return the person on marbles from the United Kingdom to Greece. A new chairman has declared that there is a deal to be done in terms of the marbles. Many are very hopeful that this might be pointing to a potential return, but...
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    Have you ever tried Cypriot kolokotes (squash turnovers)

    These turnovers are soooo good but a little hard to come by. They are made with squash and cinnamon and sugar. Some variations also have raisins and cloves. It really depends on your taste.
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    Make sure to bring your water bottles and sunscreen to Athens! Its heating up

    Year after year, Athens is hitting record highs for temperature. This year, it's getting so hot that we're seeing wildfires again. I highly recommend that if you're visiting the city, that you wear a lot of sunscreen and stay very hydrated. Heatstroke and sun disease are actually very common in...