1. k_tsoukalas

    Favorite Greek-Style Ways to Make Fish?

    I agree with the above. I might also bake it with Greek flavors like olives, tomatoes, feta cheese, oregano. I've done this and it is delicious!
  2. k_tsoukalas

    Do Greeks Eat Salmon?

    I use ladolmeno for my "Greek-style" salmon! I tend to use a shallot instead of garlic or onion, and I dial back on the oregano or sub dill for the oregano.
  3. k_tsoukalas

    Share Photos of Thessaloniki!

    So true! Seeing pics is no comparison to being there. :-)
  4. k_tsoukalas

    Baklava Recipe Variations

    I make chocolate baklava by melting chocolate with the butter that I spread between the layers, and also sprinkle a few chocolate chips over each nut layer. I also tend to use a little less syrup than normal so the chocolate flavors can pull forward. If I decide to make my own phyllo, I actually...
  5. k_tsoukalas

    Making chicken kapama?

    I do that extra step but my recipe doesn't include sugar. I don't cook a lot of sugar. Sometimes I brown the chicken without the spices, though, before proceeding. It always tastes great but does taste a little better when I use the spices.
  6. k_tsoukalas

    My favorite way to marinate olives

    I love this! My favorite way involves either orange or lemon zest, red pepper flakes, oregano, and some garlic. I put it in foil packets and heat it gently on the grill when cooking other things.
  7. k_tsoukalas

    Traveling to Kefalonia in the Summer

    I agree that it depends on when you want to visit! I would stay at least 10 days - especially if you want to do a variety of things. One could spend the whole day at beach, for example, and there are many beaches to see. It also depends on what you want to do while there.
  8. k_tsoukalas

    Healthier Greek Dessert Ideas?

    I like the idea of thinking of some desserts as "healthier". For me, I know this sounds pretty basic, but sometimes eating some fruit, dried fruit, or yogurt with honey satisfied my sweet tooth well enough.
  9. k_tsoukalas

    Greek Seasonal Eating for Winter

    Seasonality can help save money for sure! Unfortunately seasonality is different depending on where you life. If you life in Florida, for example, there could be more than one growing season. If you live in a northern, colder climate, there might only be one growing season and it could be short...
  10. k_tsoukalas

    List of Olympian Gods?

    Every list I see is different, as well. Seems the main ones are Hera, Zeus, Aphrodite, Athena, Apollo, Artemis and then beyond that, I see some differences in the lists.
  11. k_tsoukalas

    Good Vegan Stuffed Grape Leaves?

    This is great advice. I have never had luck making vegetarian ones and I think that not having enough rice might be part of the issue!
  12. k_tsoukalas

    Good Greek Foods for Weight Loss?

    I would add: - Gigantes plaki - greek baked beans in tomato sauce - Greek village salad - Tzatziki - fava bean dip
  13. k_tsoukalas

    Spending a Month in Greece Next Year for Wedding

    Agreed! Hopefully he will chime in soon. I heard this was a gorgeous place so I am eager for the answers. :)
  14. k_tsoukalas

    Grilling Greek Food Indoors

    This is a very good tip. I don't have an indoor grill but I do have a grill pan, and I think I will use your tip for that- I noticed some of the flavor is lost when not grilling outside.
  15. k_tsoukalas

    Topics to Study in Greek History?

    How about add: The role of women in Ancient Greece (by city-state - note that Spartans treated women differently) Cuisine of Ancient Greece - and influences to modern cuisine Delve into the Athenian navy
  16. k_tsoukalas

    Cooking in the Greek Diaspora in Australia

    I agree with this, as well. It's the way it is in the United States where I live. One can find Greek products because there is a big Greek community here, but the climate and cuisine as a whole has major differences.
  17. k_tsoukalas

    Making my own Greek yogurt?

    I have never made my own yogurt, but I would be open to trying. My friend has a machine and loves it. I have another friend that just makes it on the stovetop. I honestly don't know which is better...
  18. k_tsoukalas

    Made my first vasilopita finally!

    This looks like a great recipe, thank you for sharing! I love the addition oof orange juice. I might end up using orange peel instead of lemon peel.
  19. k_tsoukalas

    Making Avgolemono as a sauce?

    I try to drain off some of the liquid and use that, then I'll add chicken broth or something if I need broth. Sometimes there really is not enough broth to take so I just use chicken broth.
  20. k_tsoukalas

    How do people in Greece exercise?

    I was wandering around Heraklion on Crete a few years ago and stumbled on a packed gym! There were a lot of people there. And, I noticed a lot of people running over by the fortress. It seems that Greeks are health conscious.