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    Best photo spots on Crete?

    I am planning a trip to Crete this year and I am wondering where some of the best places to take photos might be. Someone recommended that I should hike the Samaria gorge and take photos along the way because the scenery is amazing, but I am not sure I am up for that. I also know that I could...
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    What else can I do with dill?

    I want to grow dill but I can only think of one use for it in Greek cooking. How do you use dill? I sometimes put it in my spanakopita or hortopita. My non-Greek cuisine recipes include making a dill sauce for salmon, for pickling, as a garnish. Is dill in tzatziki? I have never made that from...
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    Fresh herbs for Greek cooking

    I am planning my herb garden for the year and I thought I would be sure to grow herbs popular in Greek cooking. Here's my list - did I miss anything? - Spearmint - I love this one in spanakopita, Horta, and keftedes - Dill - I sometimes put dill in my spanakopita and other dishes - Shallots -...
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    Events leading up to the Greek War for Independence?

    The Greek War for Independence is celebrated March 25th and that is just around the corner. It got me thinking about the events that led up to the war, because we are about in that time period to think about it. When I study this, what topics or events do you recommend I look up?
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    Fish to use in a fish soup?

    I have seen some threads talking about Greek fish soup so I went to investigate and looked up some recipes. Each recipe talks about different forms of fish and seafood I could use! This is an example of what I see: - Scallops - Lobster - Shrimp - Cod - Salmon - Grouper - Tilapia What do they...
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    Making chicken kapama?

    This might be similar to what I am trying to cook. Do people typically use rice or orzo in the dish, or is this a different dish than what I am thinking of?
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    Help with judging rice amounts in pilafi

    My friend makes a great chicken pilafi and towards the end, she adds orzo or rice. She uses 1 whole, cute up chicken with the bone in, and cooks it in a mixture of herbs, spices, and tomato paste. Then she said, "look at at the liquid to determine how much rice or orzo to put, then measure it in...
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    Question About Making Keftedes

    That sounds so good! Very traditional.
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    Question About Making Keftedes

    I have been trying to develop an intuitive feel for Greek cooking. One of the dishes I have been trying to test these principals on is keftedes. I have made them a few different ways ... First of all, sometimes I use different meats or different combinations of meats. I have used beef, pork...
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    Making Greek Salad for Winter?

    I know that Greeks tend to cook seasonally. The tradition village salad has all summer vegetables. Do they change the village salad ingredients for winter? Are there other salads? The only salad I know of for winter is cabbage salad - and I actually do make a lot of that at this time of year...
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    Cooking "Me to Mati" Advice?

    I have observed that a lot of traditional Greek cooks put together their dishes "by feel". I have learned that this is called "me to mati". I got some really good advice that said to follow a good Greek cookbook and trust my instincts as I get familiar with the recipes. Does anyone have...
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    Getting an intuitive feel for Greek cooking

    This is really good advice, and I didn't think of it that way. In other words, maybe follow the recipe as written the first few times, but then don't be afraid to branch out if I have instincts, or if I need to substitute, etc?
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    Getting an intuitive feel for Greek cooking

    I have noticed when watching traditional Greeks cook, they very rarely have a recipe out. They're simply putting together the recipes. This is especially true for savory cooking. I have a friend who makes cheese pita completely off the top of her head, and each time she makes it, she seems to...
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    Does anyone have a good stifado recipe?

    This is interesting - how does one decide when to use cinnamon, cloves, or both? I have noticed that Greek recipes differ so much, the spices are often used interchangeably... is it simply personal preference?
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    Clove and Cinnamon Together?

    In another thread I asked about stifado spice blends... I have been looking into Geek spice combinations and I am wondering if clove and cinnamon are often used together in dishes, both sweet and savory, or if Greeks tend to use one or the other. The reason why I ask is in that thread, someone...
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    Does anyone have a good stifado recipe?

    I used to make it, but I don't know where my recipe went and I never had it memorized. I plan to make it with beef. I recall we used a bunch of different spices. The main issue is the I can't remember the spice combination. Also, I used to make it in a pressure cooker but I no longer have one. I...
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    Melamakarona Recipe from Cooking Greek Cookbook

    This is perfect! I was looking for a good recipe to follow for this time of year, and I think I will try this one!
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    Kolokithopita is delicious in the fall....

    Thank you! Quick update - I did mix a little soft cheese in the filling for my last batch. I liked it but I am not sure I will do it again because it cut down on the taste of the pumpkin.
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    Kolokithopita is delicious in the fall....

    I have started making kolokithopita a lot in the autumn because I love butternut squash this time of year. This is how I make it: I make a filling with pureed pumpkin or squash, a bit of sugar (I do it by taste because it depends how sweet the squash or pumpkin is), cinnamon, and nutmeg. I make...
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    Greek-American Thanksgiving Stuffing - Chestnuts?

    Okay, I guess it's not a bad backup plan. Thank you!