1. mj_toronto8

    Etiquette and what wear to a Greek wedding?

    I am scheduled to go to a Greek wedding in a few months and I am trying to figure out the etiquette of what to wear. It is a Greek-Canadian wedding, fairly traditional in a Greek church with a reception after. Both the bride and groom are Greek-Canadian. I need advice for wardrobe for men and...
  2. mj_toronto8

    Kourabedies Question

    I see recipes for kourabedies and they are all a little different. Sometimes I see nuts, sometimes I don't. Sometimes the nuts are ground into a flour-like consistency, and then very little confectioners' sugar is used. For me, a version I have baked before doesn't use any nuts. The person who...
  3. mj_toronto8

    Can you bake keftedes?

    I had no idea the difference - thank you! I made a batch the other day and they didn't fall apart, so I don't know what I am doing differently from batch to batch. Maybe next time I will try soaked bread instead of bread crumbs, and then maybe that will make it more consistent.
  4. mj_toronto8

    Can you bake keftedes?

    I used bread crumbs, not bread. Maybe it made a difference!
  5. mj_toronto8

    Can you bake keftedes?

    I had someone recently tell me that traditional keftedes are fried and not baked. Is this true? For what it's worth, I think the fried ones taste better! I tried baking them once, and the keftedes fell apart in the oven. If I do bake them, do I need to do anything different to the recipe?
  6. mj_toronto8

    Homemade phyllo texture issues help

    That's possible - I did that once. Did it have the texture of a thin cracker? Could have been too dry, as well.
  7. mj_toronto8

    How to use Greek capers?

    Do you use the caper berries or the smaller, unripe capers that are often picked and brined? I have realized that there are uses for both...
  8. mj_toronto8

    Geographical Images of the Gods

    Yes, trying to piece together where the myths and legends came from is fascinating, and I love hearing people's different perspectives. Though it is difficult to truly "know", it is interesting getting the perspectives of people who have tried to piece things together. I always wondered if oral...
  9. mj_toronto8

    How to use Greek capers?

    Growing up, I didn't realize that capers were considered a part of Greek cuisine. It seems as if they grow well in Greece! I know that capers are often part of the village salad version that you can find on Santorini. How else are they used in Greek cuisine? I did some research and found some...
  10. mj_toronto8

    Santorini-Style "Greek" Salad

    You're welcome! I have learned that village salad doesn't always have the same ingredients, depending on the time of year and where in Greece I am.
  11. mj_toronto8

    Santorini-Style "Greek" Salad

    I had the most delicious salad while I was on Santorini the last time I went and it is now a staple in our house... Here are the ingredients: Tomatoes (I use cherry tomatoes but they don't even compare to the Santorini ones) Cucumbers (I use English cucumbers, but I know Santorini has a special...
  12. mj_toronto8

    Santorini has the most delicious tomatoes...

    One thing I learned while visiting Santorini is that the tomatoes were quite the experience! They had a different shape and they were small and sweet. I heard that they were different because of the unique soil on the island. I loved the tomato croquettes (domatokeftedes) and any dishes that...
  13. mj_toronto8

    Beaches in Santorini Near a Taverna?

    There are some small beaches around the shore, many are near tavernas that specialize in fresh seafood dishes. Try Mermaid Beach Restaurant and Dolphins Restaurant. I can't remember what the beach situation is near them but I recall enjoying the food. There were some small beaches but not sure...
  14. mj_toronto8

    Has anyone here seen a performance n Epidavros?

    Hmmm. I thought it was closer. Maybe I can stay somewhere near the theater for a night or two... And thanks for the tip about the cushion!
  15. mj_toronto8

    Has anyone here seen a performance n Epidavros?

    This is a great tip - I think I will check this out! Thank you.
  16. mj_toronto8

    Has anyone here seen a performance n Epidavros?

    I am so fascinated by Ancient Greek history and from what I understand, some of the ancient theaters are still intact and performances are being held there. I've been research Epidavros and noticed that they hold performances there in the summer. Has anyone been? What was it like? I've seen...
  17. mj_toronto8

    Thessaloniki as a honeymoon or wedding destination...

    Someone in my wedding party suggested I look into Thessaloniki as a possible wedding and/or honeymoon destination. What do you guys all think? I have never been - but it seems to have much of what I am looking for - beaches, history, night life, the crowds are healthy but not completely crazy in...
  18. mj_toronto8

    Honeymoon in Greece?

    My fiancé and I love quiet moments, but a good enough nightlife to keep us entertained. We want a place that has a healthy crowd, but not a crushing one - and definitely beaches!
  19. mj_toronto8

    Honeymoon in Greece?

    So, I plan to do a destination wedding in Greece. My fiancé and I plan to spend about month in Greece and we are inviting friends and family to attend the wedding. There are a lot who do plan to make the trip because they said they're excited to visit Greece. At some point, though, we plan to...
  20. mj_toronto8

    Traditional Greek Wedding Food?

    I am planning a wedding and reception in Greece... I want to have some traditional Greek elements as part of the experience. I was thinking about the food - what kind of food is common to eat at a Greek wedding? I've heard stories but it seems like there is a wide variety. Someone told me I...