1. d_kakavouli

    Best Greek Independence Day Parades?

    I know Greek Independence Day is coming up. I am curious, where in the word are there the best celebrations? I don't have time to travel far this year, but I could keep in mind for next year. What do people typically do in Greece for it? Are there parades? Where is the biggest parade? I know in...
  2. d_kakavouli

    Pasta Used in Greece and Substitutes?

    When I look at Greek recipes, I notice that there are different pasta shapes, and I can't always find some of them here where I live. For example, hiliopites (the square shaped ones) are difficult to find unless my Greek store has them. What kinds of pastas are the most common, and what are...
  3. d_kakavouli

    Greek Tomato Soup Question

    I usually make my own Greek-style tomato soup from fresh tomatoes. I don't usually take the skin off or take the seeds out, and the soup is fine. But now I am wondering, is it possible to take the seeds out easily? The issue is, I feel like the seed pulp has a lot of flavor so I don't want to...
  4. d_kakavouli

    What to serve for mezze for a party?

    I am having people over and want to serve mezze, as opposed to a "full meal". Yet, I want to have enough food so that this would actually be dinner. I just like the traditional way of serving food throughout the night and dining slowly. So, I thought I would ask for advice about what to serve...
  5. d_kakavouli

    Gifts for visiting people in Greece ideas

    I am visiting Greece this summer and will be staying with people. I want to give them a gift of appreciation! Is this something that is customary? If so, what should I give? They are friends that I met on vacation once, and we kept in touch. They stayed with me for a bit a few years ago and...
  6. d_kakavouli

    Cooking with Greek Saffron

    A friend brought me back some saffron from Greece! For the life of me, I don't actually remember seeing any Greek recipes with saffron. I want to use it authentically if possible. Are there any ways of using it that are authentically Greek?
  7. d_kakavouli

    Greek Fish Soup is Delicious!

    I recently had Greek fish soup at someone's house and I realized that I want to learn how to make it for myself. She did give me a recipe, but I am wondering if you guys have some tips. Here is her ingredients list: 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion, chopped 3 celery stalks, cleaned and chopped...
  8. d_kakavouli

    Making Avgolemono as a sauce?

    This is great advice! Thank you so much!
  9. d_kakavouli

    Making Avgolemono as a sauce?

    I see in some Greek recipes, such as for stuffed cabbage, that some of these dishes are finished by an avglemeno sauce. However, sometimes they just say "finish with Avgolemono" and the recipes, which are homemade, don't go into detail about how to make it. These recipes were written by friends...
  10. d_kakavouli

    Anyone Here Ever Make Yiaprakia?

    I was reading that yiprakia is a specialty in some of Greece (I think I read Northern Greece) for New Year's. First of all, is this true? If it is, has anyone here ever made it? Recipes I have seen show that it is kind of like, stuffed grape leaves or stuffed cabbage (I see both), and it makes...
  11. d_kakavouli

    Would Love to Experience the Greek Kalanda Tradition!

    Oh! I understand - unless I can experience the feeling of when the kids come to the door, I won't really experience the whole thing. Thank you!
  12. d_kakavouli

    Would Love to Experience the Greek Kalanda Tradition!

    I would love to experience the Greek Kalanda tradition for myself in Greece. Does anyone have any advice on how to make that happen this year? I plan to go to Greece in a few weeks to visit some people and hope to see this first-hand. It seems like a really great tradition.
  13. d_kakavouli

    Traveling to Greece During Christmas

    In researching I learned about some traditions I can try at home, such as making christopsomo. I shared the ingredients to a recipe I found in another thread!
  14. d_kakavouli

    Making Christopsomo?

    In researching Greek Christmas traditions, I learned that there's a special Christmas bread called Christopsomo. From what I understand it's like a sweet bread, maybe a little similar to the Tsoureki bread at Easter? Is this true? I haven't seen a recipe I liked yet but the proportions in this...
  15. d_kakavouli

    Traveling to Greece During Christmas

    Has anyone here visited Greece for Christmas? I have only ever gone to Greece during the warmer months! Specifically, I am trying to figure out if this is something I want to experience some day. I really want to learn about he real culture of Greece. I know, I have my traditions that have been...
  16. d_kakavouli

    Greek Ships Christmas Tradition?

    I have heard of the tradition of decorating boats in Greece for Christmas. I think it's called karakavi? Does anyone know anything more about it? This isn't a tradition my family adopted but I have heard of friends doing it. I am thinking of adding it to our holiday celebrations this year. From...
  17. d_kakavouli

    Do you have any favorite Greek traditions for Christmas?

    Intriguing - I am going to ask about it in another thread. I have heard about it but don't know much...
  18. d_kakavouli

    Do you have any favorite Greek traditions for Christmas?

    I know that there are a lot of Greek traditions and some of it depends on where in Greece you or your family is from. I thought I would share mine, I want to hear yours! ** Singing Greek Christmas songs together and going out caroling ** Agios Vasselios - "Greek Santa Claus" ** Melamakarona...
  19. d_kakavouli

    First Time in Thessaloniki - What to Do?

    I have been to Athens plenty of times but never Thessaloniki. I am trying to nail down an itinerary for the next time I am in Greece. I have never been to Thessaloniki! What is a good list of things to see and do while I am here? I started my research: ** Ladadika District - Because it seems...
  20. d_kakavouli

    Ohi Day is Coming Up - How Do People Celebrate?

    I was just wondering the same thing myself! I accidentally posted the same question in another thread.