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    Geographical Images of the Gods

    I'm glad you took the time to view my presentation and found it "very cool." As to your question, my presentation, Geographical Images of the Gods, was created to enlighten the world on what I believe are the long-forgotten origins of many gods, myths, and religions. I hope my presentation...
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    Geographical Images of the Gods

    There is a long-forgotten realm of gods, myths, and religions I stumbled upon years ago, and have been independently researching ever since. We are all familiar with the geographical image we commonly refer to as the “boot of Italy.” What has been lost for centuries is the knowledge that the...
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    How were Greek myths recorded and preserved through history

    In order to truly understand how ancient myth was transmitted through the ages, I believe we need to first understand the true origins of myth. I've dedicated many years researching a novel approach to developing such an understanding. Check out my three-part video presentation at...