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    The Muses of Greek Mythology?

    I have been studying more about Greek mythology lately and I bumped into information about the Muses. It seems like there is some conflicting information, especially regarding their names and functions. It could just be that there's not a lot online. Can anyone recommend a good source to get...
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    Versatile Greek Seasoning Blend for Meat

    When I cook, I usually grill. Typically, I use a marinade that I make from scratch, but I don't always have time for that. So, I started making a seasoning rub that I use when I just need to throw something together. I have been putting this on everything - it tastes great! Here is what I do - I...
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    Is there anyplace out of the way in Santorini?

    Santorini is inundated with tourists but I am wondering if there is anywhere on the island that may not be as busy but is still nice to visit. Or, that is maybe close to the busy areas but not too close. I love Santorini, and my family has never been. I want them to see it, but I don't want it...
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    What do you use for grill seasoning?

    I usually just use ladolemono, but I am looking for different ideas. This is to grill pretty much anything. I either do salt and pepper or ladolemono - looking for new ideas. I have a friend who makes a rub with Greek spices, but didn't tell me what she puts in it. I've had it, it tastes like...
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    Celebrating Greek Name Days

    What do people here do to celebrate their name days? Most people barely even remember all the name days, and last year I almost forgot about it. But I know that some people love to honor their name day. I am curious what people do. I have a friend who tries to go to church if there is a service...
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    Ideas for Serving Vasilopita?

    I know that serving Vasilopita is traditional for New Year's. I am wondering if it is a simple matter of just serving the cake? I think I heard someone say they play a game with it? I am not sure I am remembering that correctly. Of course, each family might be different...
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    You Can Still Grill in the Winter!

    Yes!! I am glad I am not the only one.
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    You Can Still Grill in the Winter!

    I know, it is hard to fathom going outside to grill in the colder months, especially if you live in colder places. You can still grill! I keep the grill in the garage and then wheel it outside to use it on a halfway decent day - the grill still works even if it's cold. Instead of just leaving it...
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    Athens car rental question

    If I rent a car in Athens, do you think that I would be able to put it on a ferry to go to another island, like Crete? My next trip to Greece is going to include visiting a bunch of people in Athens, not all of whom are in convenient locations to the metro, and then head to Crete. I like to...
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    Islands to visit that are near Crete?

    I plan to visit Crete next year and I also want to visit one other place, maybe an island. Crete is pretty far south, but are there any islands that are convenient to get to by ferry from there? I would be flying into Athens and staying for a few days at least, then heading to Crete by overnight...
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    Renting a Car in Crete?

    Thank you, all! I will look into my options. It's a good point, not to wait to rent if I know I need one... I'll need to think about it.
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    Renting a Car in Crete?

    Should I rent a car at the Heraklion Airport in Crete or will I find better deals elsewhere? I've heard that sometimes hotels can arrange good deals if I can wait. Also, do I need an international driver's license? I recall someone saying that I do.... They're fairly easy to get, right?
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    Guided Hikes Down the Samarian Gorge?

    I can't wait to do this plan! Thanks, all, for chiming in. I'll have a rental car so I can explore around before or after my time at the gorge.
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    Fun Things to Do in Crete that Involve the Outdoors?

    I already decided to visit the Samaria Gorge. I won't do the whole hike, but rather hike into the gorge from the village. Now, I am looking for some other experiences to do that involve the outdoors? I know that Crete is so pretty, and I want to spend some time in nature while on the island.
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    Guided Hikes Down the Samarian Gorge?

    This is some very good information. Dionasia, I heard the same thing from some other hikers. Deborah, thanks so much for your thoughtful response! After reading this feedback I am considering hiking through the gorge from Aqia Roumeli and then doubling back after I've had my fill. I had someone...
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    Guided Hikes Down the Samarian Gorge?

    I am thinking of putting the Samaria Gorge on my Greek Bucket List but I feel like I need more information. In my research, I can see that one should start at the top, hike down, and then allow some time to explore the village at the end and get something to eat, maybe even sit at the beach. So...
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    Making My Greek Travel Bucket List

    Hmmm - I think I will add Samaria Gorge to my list and keep in mind the other suggestions, as well. Does anyone know if there are any guided trips down the gorge?
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    Where can I eat Cretan food outside of Crete?

    Thank you! I will keep these in mind, I appreciate yu stopping to answer.
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    A beautiful sunset in Crete

    One of the best sunsets I have watched on Crete was at the Venetian Harbor in Chania. I didn't take a photo but it was memorable. I was out walking around after grabbing a bite to eat. I recommend spending some time at this spot at sunset!
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    Making My Greek Travel Bucket List

    I had a typical Greek-Australian upbringing in that my family came from Greece but trips back and forth growing up amounted to visiting friends and family. I really haven't seen much of the country and all that it has to offer. As an adult, I want to start visiting some of the places in Greece I...