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    Cooking Vegetables Greek Style

    I have noticed in Greek restaurants that the vegetables I am served are always soft. I like them this way, they are way easier to digest than the half-raw vegetables served in typical restaurant situations. They are not only soft, but the perfect amount of softness - they aren't falling apart...
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    Greek side dishes to make in winter?

    I don't like crunchy Brussels sprouts so I always avoided them! This sounds yummy.
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    Greek side dishes to make in winter?

    I know that I can make dishes year round, since ingredients are pretty available. However, I like to stick with seasonal dishes. So, what do people serve in winter? Here are some things I have done: Greek cabbage salad Greek braised cabbage in tomato sauce Potatoes - roasted potatoes, potatoes...
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    Can someone help me make fasolakia?

    Just a quick follow up. I made them again and cooked it less, but they still fell apart! I didn't put potatoes this time.
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    Can someone help me make fasolakia?

    I recently had a mishap while making fasolakia. The beans all fell apart. I am assuming I overcooked the beans but I am not sure because I have cooked the dish this long in the past without issues. What was different about this time is I decided to put potatoes in it to make it a bit heartier...
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    Which island group is your favourite?

    This is a tough one - I have loved everywhere I have been! Cyclades for me too, maybe?
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    Quick Greek-style pasta dishes?

    Last time I was in Greece I ate a lot of pasta dishes. It seems like a common dish for every day cuisine. I had a version with Greek yogurt - I would love to learn how to make it! I also had something with an egg on it, someone told me it was from Mani? Does anyone know anything about these...
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    My favorite way to marinate olives

    I love to marinate Greek olives like Kalamata to mix up the flavors. I love the olives by themselves, but like to do this just for variety. Here's what I like to do. I use two cups of olives. I give them a quick rinse before I get started to remove some of the salt. Then I add 1 tablespoon of...
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    Making Pasta Flora From Scratch

    I didn't rest my dough! I will try again and this time, I will rest the dough. How long should I?
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    Making Pasta Flora From Scratch

    I saw in another thread that pasta flora is a fairly easy Greek dessert to make to take to someone's house. I tried to make it once and I messed up the dough - it was far too dense. Is it possible that I overworked it or maybe even used too much flour? The recipe I used didn't give me...
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    Which Herbs Grow Well Indoors?

    I have been working on keeping an indoor oregano plant alive because I love the flavor of the fresh herb. Other herbs I like to cook with include parsley, chives, mint, and dill. Do these all grow well indoors? I have a nice, large windowsill near my kitchen and I have room for about 3 or 4...
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    Best way to grow oregano indoors?

    Thank you so much! I will try what you said. I guess it makes sense if you think about it, oregano tends to do well in climates that have sporadic rainfall.
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    Best way to grow oregano indoors?

    Now that it is getting colder I want to still have fresh oregano. I took my plant that I have on the patio during spring and summer inside and placed it on a windowsill. I am worried I am going to kill it! There's nothing like fresh oregano and this is the first time I have taken the plant in...
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    More than one Minoan Palace on Crete?

    I didn't realize that Knossos wasn't the only Minoan Palace on Crete, but from what I understand it might be the largest? I am planning a trip to Crete soon to see some of the ruins and here is where I plan to visit - did I miss anything? 1. Archaeological Museum of Athens 2. Knossos Palace 3...
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    Fascinated by Minoan culture and I want to learn more...

    Thank you so much for the tips! Someone told me to be sure to visit the archaeological museum in Heraklion because that is where some of the sensitive artifacts from Knossos are being housed but I didn't know that the archaeological museum in Athens had some Minoan artifacts, as well! Thanks for...
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    Fascinated by Minoan culture and I want to learn more...

    I am festinated by the Minoan culture. I saw photos of the Knossos Palace, as well as some of the Frescos, and I realized that I want to learn more about them. I know, I can read history books or look it up online. But, I am talking about experiencing it first hand. Do you guys have any...
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    Ohi Day is Coming Up - How Do People Celebrate?

    I am trying to learn about the Greek culture. Many of you may have seen my posts lately about phyllo...I realize that I want to know more than just the food! I looked on the calendar and it seems that Ohi Day is coming up - how do people usually celebrate? From what I gather, people in Greece...
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    History of Phyllo Dough?

    I never really thought about it either, but I've been obsessing over phyllo lately as I try to learn how to work with it with more confidence! I did some additional research - it really looks like it's hard to know exactly where it came from. It's possible there have been many influences.
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    Making My Own Phyllo?

    Luana, thanks for all the help. I did exactly what you said, and the problems I had been having with phyllo stopped! I never realized that the way it's thawed makes such a huge difference.
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    History of Phyllo Dough?

    I have been trying to reconnect with Greek cooking for a while now, and the thing I am working on now are the phyllo dishes - like pita and baklava. Phyllo is delicious, but it can also be tricky. During the whole process I have been curious - where did phyllo come from? I found some sources...