1. GreekGirlCooks

    Other Dips to Serve at Greek Dinner Party?

    I mentioned in a previous thread that I made taramasalata for a dinner party. I want to serve other dips or spreads. I am thinking three is a good number. I don't want to serve hummus - I want to do something different. I was thinking tzatziki and one other. What do you suggest? I was thinking...
  2. GreekGirlCooks

    How to Serve Taramasalata?

    I have some taramasalata I want to serve for an appetizer at a dinner party I am having soon. How is it typically served? I have some crackers, but I am wondering if it will taste great on toast like regular caviar does. I made the batch myself, and it has a lemony flavor - maybe a bit to much...
  3. GreekGirlCooks

    Taramosalata recipe?

    I buy taramasalata a lot - whenever I see it. Each place I buy it from, it tastes different, and some versions are better than others. So I thought maybe I could learn how to make it myself so that I could adjust the flavors how I want it. I know in theory it has: - fish roe - bread - olive...
  4. GreekGirlCooks

    Culinary Traveling in Greece

    I thought I would visit Greece this year with the sole purpose of trying different regional cuisines. Any ideas? Here is what I have so far: - I want to experience some Modern Greek food and from what I understand, there are some great finds in Athens. I don't know quite where they are...
  5. GreekGirlCooks

    Favorite Vegan Greek Foods for Lent?

    Lent is around the corner and this year, I thought I would go all in and stick with Vegan foods during lent. I thought I would gather ideas from you guys, and I will share a few of my own. - My family used to make a yellow split pea soup that was very simple. I will track down how to make it...
  6. GreekGirlCooks

    Using saffron in Greek cooking?

    I just saw in another thread that someone was asking if they could use saffron in the Psarsoupa - Greek fish soup. I didn't chime in but thought it was an excellent question. It got me thinking - do people use saffron in Greek cooking? Last time I was in Greek I saw a lot of saffron in the spice...
  7. GreekGirlCooks

    Making my own Greek yogurt?

    I haven't been all that happy with any of the commercially available Greek yogurts on the market. Something is off with them - I love the yogurt in Greece so much better! So, I was thinking of making it. I have never made yogurt from scratch before, does anyone have any advice? Do you think...
  8. GreekGirlCooks

    Made my first vasilopita finally!

    I just wanted to share with everyone that I recently made my first ever vasilopita and it was a big success! Here's a list of ingredients from my recipe: 3/4 cup unsalted butter, softened to room temperature 3 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/2 cups sugar 3 eggs 3 tablespoons cognac 1 teaspoon...
  9. GreekGirlCooks

    Anyone have a good koulouri recipe?

    When I make koulouri I just use whichever bread recipe I am in the mood for, and then form it into rings instead of loaves. I like to brush it with an egg wash and then sprinkle sesame seeds - I do this before cooking. The egg wash helps the sesame seeds stick.
  10. GreekGirlCooks

    Recipes list for Greek holiday cooking

    This looks like a good list. My family doesn't do lamb shank at Christmas. We love to serve spanakopita and then we actually do something different each ear. Sometimes we roast a turkey, other times we do a beef roast. So for the main dish like that, we don't always feature a Greek dish - but...
  11. GreekGirlCooks

    Dolmadakia Recipe from Cooking Greek Cookbook

    This looks like a great recipe! It's very similar to how I make it. In the recipe, it says to use fresh herbs of either dill, mint, or parsley - or a combination of them, right? My family tends to prefer fresh or dried mint from our summer garden, but in a pinch I have used parsley. I've also...
  12. GreekGirlCooks

    Gluten Free Moussaka?

    I ate Gluten Free moussaka once and you know what it seemed like to me? That I was essentially eating moussaka topped with mashed potato, almost like a Greek shepherds pie. It was delicious and I didn't mind it, it was just different from what I expected. I think this might be a pretty common...
  13. GreekGirlCooks

    What are your favorite flavors of Greek ice cream?

    Agreed, I see lemon only sometimes, and when I do it's a real treat! By far the most common flavors I see are vanilla and chocolate. I recall there was a lot of gelato in Greece, too, similar flavors as in Italy.
  14. GreekGirlCooks

    What are your favorite flavors of Greek ice cream?

    I like the citrus based ice creams, like lemon is a personal favorite. Sooo good!
  15. GreekGirlCooks

    Did you know that fresh mint can help cure nausea?

    All the herbs in our kitchen have medicinal qualities! It's kind of fascinating. Thanks for sharing!
  16. GreekGirlCooks

    Is it traditional to put dill in tzatziki?

    I don't really like dill so I never make my tzatziki with it. I know a lot of Greeks in the US who love dill and they put it in everything!
  17. GreekGirlCooks

    Flaounes are a traditional Cypriot Easter snack

    Oh wow, these are filled with cheese? I think I will love these! I'd like to try them once before I make them, though. Does anyone know where I can find them?
  18. GreekGirlCooks

    Here is a little trick for marinating your lamb this easter

    This is such a great idea. My mother said that her family used to do that, but we somehow lost the tradition. We all love garlic, too.
  19. GreekGirlCooks

    You can keep leftover tsoureki in the freezer to make french toast later

    Tsoureki French Toast is one of my favorite post-Easter foods to eat! It tastes especially good as a French toast bake, but for that, you really need to be feeding a crowd. One egg, a spash of milk, some sugar and cinnamon, and that is enough to make a single slice or two....