1. nm1999

    What is in season in Greece now?

    I am trying to understand Greek cooking on a different level than what I do now. Whenever looking up recipes, that is all it is to me - a recipe. I know that in Greece, there is a notion of seasonality that somehow gets lost when I read a cookbook. So, it is approaching mid-May. The weather...
  2. nm1999

    Greek Festival Season is Here!

    I just wanted to share that I am so excited that Greek festival season is here! I tend to travel visiting family and friends throughout the United States and Canada during the warm weather time of year, for weddings and stuff. I have family in a few different places so have caught festivals all...
  3. nm1999

    Greek Lobster Pasta Recipe

    I saw a recipe I like. These are the ingredients: Lobster meat 1 onion Garlic clove Red pepper flakes Brandy, wine, or ouzo 2 tomatoes or so Broth (like chicken broth or lobster stock if I have lobster shells and can make it) 1 box of spaghetti How do you guys make it? I have seen recipes...
  4. nm1999

    Getting Homemade Pita Bread to Be Soft

    I have been attempting to make my own pita bread. No matter what I do, I can't get it to be soft. I have tried several recipes and it doesn't make a difference. I am starting to wonder if it's me, and I suspect I might be overworking the dough. How do I know, by feel, when the dough is done...
  5. nm1999

    Going to a Greek Christening Soon

    I am agonizing over what to give the child. I have been to plenty of christenings and I typically give money. This is a different situation because I am a bit closer to the family than normal. I want to be more generous than I usually am. I will still give money, but I want to give a gift to...
  6. nm1999

    Nice Islands Only Accessible by Ferry

    Thank you so much! All of these islands look amazing.
  7. nm1999

    Nice Islands Only Accessible by Ferry

    I have been interested in going a bit "off the beaten track" in Greece. I have been told that one of the things to look for are islands that don't have an airport. Off the top of your head, can you guys think of some good ones? Some possibilities: Asypylaia, Halki, Ikaria... I feel like there...
  8. nm1999

    Early Spring Cooking in Greece

    It's about that time of year in Greece when it would be considered "early spring" - at least in some of the more southernly places, like Crete. In any case, even if it isn't here yet, it is around the corner. I don't live in Greece and I have never been at this time of year. I am curious what...
  9. nm1999

    Greek uses for cabbage?

    Cabbage has been a good price at the grocery store. I already make a lot of Greek cabbage salad in a couple of versions. Sometimes I use carrots and two different kinds of cabbage. Other times, I only use the greener cabbage and for that one, I make a ladolemono. I also make stuffed cabbage...
  10. nm1999

    Off the Beaten Track Destinations in Greece

    I know that there are some major destinations that are worth visiting in Greece, but there are also some great places that are off the beaten track. I would love to visit them soon. I made a small list, but I also want suggestions: Kea Ithaka Tinos Patmos (but I do know some cruses stop here)...
  11. nm1999

    Greek Kopanisti Ingredients

    I thought I saw a kopanisti recipe that had yogurt but I don't see any. Most recipes have ingredients like this: Feta cheese Olive oil red pepper flakes garlic clove roasted red peppers Can I add a little Greek yogurt for consistency? I love the creaminess!
  12. nm1999

    Greek Dishes that Involve Yogurt

    I love Greek yogurt and I thought I would make a list of Greek foods that use it. I also love to serve either yogurt or tzatziki, with a variety of different Greek foods. Here are the dishes: Tzatziki The yogurt, honey, walnut breakfast/dessert Some versions of kopanisti (not sure I agree with...
  13. nm1999

    Is it too early to book Greece for 2023?

    I noticed a lot of schedules aren't released yet for 2023? Or I could be wrong? I am wondering if it is too early to book for Greece for 2023. I have details that depend on schedule releases, such as ferries and even theater performances. So, I don't want to book when the timing is wrong, but I...
  14. nm1999

    What if I don't have Greek yogurt?

    Thank you guys for the tips! I like the idea of simply straining it - and using a coffee filter sounds great, I always have those on hand. I never have cheesecloth on hand. Thank you so much! I will lay the coffee filter into a strainer and let it drip for a bit until it thickens, right?
  15. nm1999

    What if I don't have Greek yogurt?

    I don't always have Greek yogurt on hand. I tend not to keep it in the fridge and only buy it when I need it. I do, however, tend to have plain, regular yogurt. Can I substitute that in recipes if I make something Greek at the last minute? I have heard of some people straining it through...
  16. nm1999

    Making a good sauce for gyros?

    I have head that the sauce I am trying to think of involves ketchup... if that helps jog people's memories.
  17. nm1999

    Best place for fresh seafood in Greece?

    One of the things I love about Greece is the abundance of fresh seafood. What is your favorite destination for enjoying seafood? I know that any coastal area of Greece will have only he best, but I didn't know if you had some standout places. I love heading down to the shore as the fishing boats...
  18. nm1999

    Making a good sauce for gyros?

    I love to make gyros at home. For a sauce, I usually use tzatziki (either store bought or homemade). When I buy tzatziki it's usually the Greek store. However, I know that there is another sauce option for gyros. I have encountered it in Greece but I don't know what it is! It kind of tastes...
  19. nm1999

    Different Greek Dishes to Cook?

    Thank you so much for chiming in! I think I will try to make that sauce or the gyros. Do you by any chance know the proportions? This is a great list, I can't wait to get started! For the Stifado, I beef will be a bit easier for me to find than rabbit - but I think I might try to track some...
  20. nm1999

    Different Greek Dishes to Cook?

    I have been cooking Greek food at home lately and I seem to have gotten stuck in a bit of a rut. Well, there's truly no such thing with Greek cooking because it's all delicious, but I do seem to be cooking the same things all the time. Here's what I have been cooking. Let me know if you have...