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    Greek clay pot cooking tips

    I have been reading about some traditional recipes that involve clay pots. I noticed that this is fairly common throughout Greece, but it isn't common necessarily with the Greek diaspora in places like United States, Canada, and Australia. What happened when the people moved to those places? Did...
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    Learning about regional Greek cuisine

    I didn't realize that different cooking methods might be regional, as well. That's fascinating, I can't wait to learn more!
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    What to bring to church as a godparent during Christening?

    I am so excited, I have just been asked to be a godmother. I know generally what is expected but I am trying to sort it all out. What is it that godparents need to bring to the Christening? I know that the priest usually provides a list but I want to start getting ahead of it. With Easter just...
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    Learning about regional Greek cuisine

    I know that there are a few main elements of Greek cuisine that are constant... but I have also noticed in my travels that there are different regional dishes, as well. Not only that, but the typical dishes of Greek cuisine change regionally depending on what is available. How do I learn about...
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    Making Koromos – An Easy Recipe

    Thank you for all the tips! I plan to use vanilla wafer cookies next time - seems like the easiest option and I wasn't quite happy with the chocolate grahams. Thank you!
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    Visiting Church of Saint Demetrios

    One of my favorite places to visit in Thessaloniki is the Church of Saint Demetrios. I heard he is the patron saint of the city? When I went, I only just walked through and enjoyed the look and feel. I don't know much about it. Would love to hear your opinions of this place, I will be passing...
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    Making Koromos – An Easy Recipe

    Named because it looks like a log of salami, this is actually an easy and decadent dessert. It’s also called Kormos, I think. These are the ingredients I use: 3 cups crumbled chocolate graham crackers 2 T Cognac 1 cup unsalted butter, melted Vanilla extract 1/2 cup Unsweetened Cocoa powder 1...
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    Greek Desserts that Involve Chocolate?

    I know I am a little late to prepare for Valentine's Day but I was thinking about Greek food and whether there are any dishes with chocolate. This is all I can think of: I once saw a recipe for chocolate koulourakia - it was basically cocoa powder mixed into a regular dough for koulourakia...
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    Making Greek Fish Soup with the Heads?

    I was just reminiscing in another thread about how my family would use the fish heads (less expensive at the fish market when they were immigrants) to make Greek Fish Soup. I don't remember how my family made it! I don't remember if they maybe made the broth first, took out what meat the could...
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    Cooking in the Greek Diaspora in Australia

    This is interesting to me... we have similar observations living in different countries. I guess when our family came over, they tried to make do with the resources available. In a way, that's the Greek Way! My family did the same thing with the fish heads - there's tons of flavor in the heads...
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    Cooking in the Greek Diaspora in Australia

    It is no secret that there are Greek communities established throughout the world, and for the most part, they seem pretty close knit. I live in Australia and I am part of the Greek community here. I noticed that the cuisine tends to change based on the location, maybe because of ingredient...
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    Cooking a Greek-Style Thanksgiving Turkey

    I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here. Typically, when I bake a turkey, I tend to just use salt, pepper, and butter. I stuff the cavity with a quartered onion and some herbs. This year, I think I want to step it up and make the Turkey a bit more "Greek". Has anyone done this? I was...
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    How I Make my Greek Lemon Potatoes

    I love Greek lemon potatoes - it is one of my favorite sides. I thought I would share my recipe! I toss all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl and then spread them on a baking sheet (that I have sprayed with cooking spray) in a single layer and bake on 350 Fahrenheit until golden brown...
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    Making the Pastitsio "Krema"

    Thank you guys, I have tried a bunch of different things and I don't know what I am still doing wrong. It has gotten better, but the texture is still a little bit off. Maybe I am adding too much flour?
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    Can I Make Moussaka Vegetarian?

    In this case, I would definitely try to omit the Hamburg and see what happens. You might need to put less of the sauce, though... but maybe not. I have actually never made a vegetarian version.
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    Making the Pastitsio "Krema"

    I am trying to recreate some family recipes and now I am working on pastitsio. My family used to make it with this large macaroni noodles. I finally tracked them down at a Greek store so that's all set. I have the flavors just about right in the pastitsio. I can't seem to get the top crema...
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    Is Melomakarona and Finikia the Same Thing?

    Thank you so much! I am getting ready because I remember my family made this around Christmas time.
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    Should I Bring Something to a Greek-Australian Dinner Party?

    Quick update - I decided to just bring wine and it went over well!
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    Should I Bring Something to a Greek-Australian Dinner Party?

    I am of Greek descent but I was born in Australia. Although my name sounds very Greek, I didn't actually grow up close to the culture. I am invited to a dinner party to a friend's house, and they have only just moved from Greece. Of course, I always went to dinner parties put on my family, but...
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    Is Melomakarona and Finikia the Same Thing?

    I am trying to get my recipe box in order and I have a recipe for Melomakarona and another for Finikia, but as I look at these recipes, they look like the same thing. Are they? My family always referred to it as Finikia and always made it at Christmas, but I got the Melomakorona recipe from a...