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    Traditional Greek Gyro....

    Gyros* is the singular form for the food, and gyroi (pronounced gyree) is the plural.. What you have in the USA (if you're from the USA) is americanized and a fusion of schwarma. The brown gyros meat that we have here is not served on a gyros in Greece, and we don't serve fries in the gyros...
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    National holidays in Greece with history?

    It's not coming up but Πολυτεχνείο is one you could look into... Wikipedia translates this as "Athens Polytechnic Uprising"
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    Etiquette and what wear to a Greek wedding?

    How Greek is the family? Are they from Greece and have they been in Canada long, or have they been in Canada for a while? If they recently moved to Canada then you can probably wear anything you want (business casual to play it safe), but if they've been in the Canada for a while then wear what...
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    Favorite Vegan Greek Foods for Lent?

    One of those items isn't Greek (hummus) :P those are all good though. Another thing that is big during lent is olives. In fact, Greece has a spike in hospital admits during lent because people eat too many olives and their blood pressure goes through the roof from the salt.
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    Can you bake keftedes?

    Keftedes are small meatballs are generally fried. Biftekia are large meatballs and are generally baked in the oven. In Greece if you say you're making keftedes to someone then they will assume you're frying small meat balls, and the same goes for biftekia and baking. As for them falling apart...
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    When does Greek Lent start?

    Lent is 40 days long, so 40 days earlier is February 27.
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    Greek Methods of Cooking Question...

    Yes, that's very common among recipes. Greeks like to use tomato sauce in everything too. A lot of soups use a tomato sauce/paste in them.. Fasolada and lentils are pretty much the exact same recipe except one uses beans and the other uses lentils.
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    Cooking "Me to Mati" Advice?

    This is not unique to just Greek food. Cultures all over the world do this. Cooking by eyes just requires someone to understand the ingredients they're putting in their dish. Chefs all around the world are able to do this because they understand what flavors they are using. You have to know...
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    How do people in Greece exercise?

    They exercise like everyone else; they go to the gym, run, swim, walk, hike, bike, etc... gyms in Greece aren't like what you see in America where they are really big and noticeable. In Greece they're small and unnoticeable to most tourists.
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    Would Love to Experience the Greek Kalanda Tradition!

    You might see some caroling in syntagma on ermou, but if you really want to experience it then you need to be in the neighborhoods where locals live. Kids make the most money there by going door-to-door to sing carols
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    Did you know that Chronos (Greek god of time) is the father of the Olympians?

    That's because they are. They are spelled differently and pronounced differently too. Chronos is spelled Χρόνος in Greek.. In English, the Greek letter Χχ (chi) is denoted by using "ch" in English, and it is pronounced like an "H" from the back of your throat- it's pronounced more like hronos...
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    Making a good sauce for gyros?

    The name of the sauce you're talking about is called "sauce" (see picture), and it's commonly eaten with a chicken gyros while tzatziki is eaten with pork. If you go north of Athens, then people start doing different things. For example, in volos you get tzatzik, mustard, and ketchup - tzatziki...
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    Greek Ships Christmas Tradition?

    The word for boat is "karavi" so what you mean to say is "karavaki" Greeks didn't decorate trees in the last; they decorated boats for St. Nicholas. The ancient Greeks started this tradition. Today, many Greeks don't decorate boats anymore unless they happen to have them. Most just decorate a...
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    Do Greeks Celebrate Halloween?

    Historically, no because it is an American holiday. Today, you might find a few Halloween parties because they love to copy American culture/traditions.
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    Different Greek Dishes to Cook?

    Off the top of my head, here are some new ideas: 1. Spanakopita, but make your own phyllo. 2. Soutzoukakia 3. Giouverlakia 4. Fasolada 5. Fakes 6. Tigania (chicken or beef) 7. Giouvetsi 8. Stifado (with beef or rabbit) 9. Gemista 10. Gyros (chicken or pork) - if you do pork then try making...
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    Did you know that Greeks dont exchange gifts on Christmas?

    Ok, but we're talking about Greek traditions, not where you should go outside of Greece to experience a holiday.
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    Greek Table Etiquette?

    This seems more like etiquette for Canada/Australia/USA... I have never seen etiquette in Greece (not that it doesn't exist). They all eat like heathens there from what I experienced... They talk with their mouth open, chew with their mouth open, use their hands a lot to eat things that require...
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    Tips for Learning Greek While in Greece?

    Use Greek only menus, try to read the Greek words before the English words when looking at signs, speak Greek whenever you can, go to only Greek speaking areas (these will be outside of touristy areas). If you really focus on not using English then you'll be surprised how much you can learn in...
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    Squash Dish with Phyllo?

    It's called kolokythopita Kolokythi is the word for squash and zucchini
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    Greek Wedding Traditions for Weddings in Greece?

    When the priest says something like "the wife should fear her husband" the bride is supposed to step on the groom's foot to show she's not afraid.