1. Patisqua

    Anyone Here Ever Make Yiaprakia?

    Yiapraki are a specially on the island for Kastellorizo. They are grapevine leaves stuffed with meat, uncooked rice, onion, etc with a touch of cloves and cinnamon (used a lot in Kastellorizian cuisine). They are lined up in a baking dish. Oil, lemon and water to cover. Place plate on top...
  2. Patisqua

    Greek Orthodox Saints Day Calendars

    All Greek Orthodox parishes (in Australia) produce a calendar with Saints nameday. Cost is usually whatever you can afford. I know the Greek Orthodox church in Hawaii has one. I bought one this year. Female Greek names are beautiful. Kalliope, Paraskevi, Panayiota, Elefteria, Vasiliki...
  3. Patisqua

    Greek Orthodox Saints Day Calendars

    My sister is Kalliope. Our Mum, although born in Australia (my Grandparents migrated in 1922) like most of her classmates could not spread English when she started school. He name Asimina was translated to Mena. So our Mum gave us Anglicised names. Paraskevi (me) became Patricia. Kalliope became...
  4. Patisqua

    Good Wedding Destinations in Greece?

    Island of Kastellorizo. 3 hour ferry ride from Rodos. Kas (Turkey) an hour ferry ride. There is a small airport. Small island away from the tourist throngs. Most tourists are Australian born Kastellorizians. Picturesque. Beautiful church. Wedding friendly.
  5. Patisqua

    What does malakas really mean?

    I always thought a Malaka was a wanker. Thanks for the education.
  6. Patisqua

    Is it traditional to put dill in tzatziki?

    Try it. My sister is allergic to garlic. We're the only Greek house in the world that doesn't have onions and garlic in the house.
  7. Patisqua

    Is it traditional to put dill in tzatziki?

    My family do not garlic. My tzatziki consists of Greek yoghurt, mint, olive oil and salt. Dill is used in Greek salad, lamb baking. At the end of the day, oregano, rosemary and dill re the popular erbs of choice in Greek cooking. How you use them is personal taste. Patisqua
  8. Patisqua

    What is the one dance that you must know for a Greek wedding?

    Sousta. Most islands and providebces have there own version. Usually 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. Kastellorizians ven have a "wedding song" for the sousta - Mana hara. Patisqua
  9. Patisqua

    Is anyone fasting for Lent this year? Just curious 😊

    Of course if you have health issues, you are forgiven from Nistea.
  10. Patisqua

    Is anyone fasting for Lent this year? Just curious 😊

    Of course we are. Kathera Deftera (Clean Monday) is Monday 7th March. Nistea (fasting) nowadays is not that difficult. It is vegan diet with fish allowed. Think of Nistea as a clean out of toxins in your body. If you really cannot manage the 40 days - Wednesdays, Fridays and Megali evthomada...
  11. Patisqua

    Beautiful song by Melina Merkouri

    This is my favourite - Zorba
  12. Patisqua

    What are your favorite lenten recipes without beans?

    Coleslaw. Cabbage - finel sliced white and purple cabbage , grated carrots, sliced celery and capsicum. Combine well in serving bowl. Add non dairy spinach dip (instead of mayonnaise), salt and white pepper to taste. Combine well - i use my hands wearing disposable gloves. When making for 2...
  13. Patisqua

    Name-day celebrations

    In years gone by we celebrated Namedays. We visited friends and family on the Sunday after the Nameday. We were offered brandy and Port, glass of water, a chocolate bar or glyko tou koutali followed by mezethes. For really close relatives lunch or dinner. It was a great way of keeping in touch...
  14. Patisqua

    Did you know that Greeks dont exchange gifts on Christmas?

    Yes, I knew this when I first went to Greece un 1975. Gifts (or money) is given on New Year’s Day. In Australia we always received money on New Year’s Day and Easter Sunday. I was also taught never repay a debt or pay bills on New Year’s Day - indicates you will be parting with money all year...
  15. Patisqua

    Tourism Minister: The goal is for Greece to become a 12-month destination!

    Restaurants Rustic Garden and Symposium in Chania. Hosted by Mihalis and Lorne Moriatakis. Best modern Greek meze plates in the world. A MUST visit. Patisqua
  16. Patisqua

    I had galaktoboureko and baklava at a fantastic Greek restaurant in Toronto!

    Christopher's in Bourke St Surry Hills Sydney. Has been there since 1955. Located 2 doors down from St Sofia and her 3 daughters Greek Orthodox . BEST galatobouriko, baklava and kouranbries. As sweetening is not one of my specialities - I often frequent. Most Sundays I have a dilemma - French...
  17. Patisqua

    This is the meaning of the abbreviation "xmas"

    Please do not use X to replace Christ in Christmas. I find it really offensive. Not sure if the abbreviation comes from people being lazy, inexpensive or for whatever reason. My opion is X must not replace Christ in Christmas. Patisqua
  18. Patisqua

    Phyllo tip: use butter for sweet and olive oil for savory

    Definitely butter for sweets. Recipes for homemade filo are made with lots of butter. Had a cooking lesson on the weekend. My cousin was teaching me to make Kastellorizian sweet - Katoumathia. Katoumathia is fried flaky pastry garnished with sugar, water and cloves - flour, water kneaded and...