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    Visiting Monemvasia from Kythira?

    Actually there is a Ferry Boat with 2 or 3 crossings a day (45 min trip), it will take you to Neapoli and from there it's maybe a 30-45 ride to Monovasia. Hopefully you have a car to do this, because you cannot rent anything on Neapoli. Ferry is called" Profyrousa". Enjoy your trip.
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    Is there anywhere to store my luggage near the Athens airport?

    At athens airport, just ask where it is.
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    Greek pork chops are just delicious...how can I make them?

    The problem is that pork in Greece is a whole different taste, which makes it so tasty, compared to pork in the US.
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    Have any of you rescheduled your trip to Greece this year?

    Airlines will usually reschedule you without a fee. Make sure you are vaccinated prior to going or take a rapid test I think 72 hours prior to departure, you should check with the Greek Embassy or your Airline for what's required.