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    Fresh tomatoes in fasolakia?

    I need help figuring something out. Whenever I make Fasolakia, I usually use some sort of a canned tomato product like sauce, paste, or even diced or crushed tomatoes. I have a bunch of fresh tomatoes I want to use this time instead and I have never done this before. Any advice?
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    Why is Milos the Island of Love?

    I have seen people refer to Milos as the island of love. I am planning a trip and maybe going to Milos next year. I know that it is beautiful, and you don't need to be in a relationship to enjoy it. I have never been here- I am trying to visit some places in Greece I have never been. Any...
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    Makaronia Me Kima Meat Question

    Thank you both for chiming in. This is great advice. You guys are right, everything tastes different in Greece! I will definitely stick to beef. I ended up trying lamb and it tasted off.
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    Weather in Corfu Question

    I am going to Corfu soon - maybe in about three weeks (mid-September). What is the weather like? I have never been there... I know on islands like Crete it's still pretty warm in mid September with beach weather. That island is further south than Corfu. Does it make a huge difference? I will...
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    Makaronia Me Kima Meat Question

    Can you use different kinds of ground meat in Makaronia me Kima? I usually have only had it (outside of Greece) with beef. I've had it in Greece and it tastes different a little bit... is it possible it is a different meat? It didn't quite taste like lamb. At home, can I use different meats? I...
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    Traveling to Rhodes this Year?

    I have a friend who was supposed to go to Rhodes this year as part of a cruise. This isn't until September. She saw about the fires and is freaking out a little bit. The cruise company hasn't been in touch yet. Do you guys have any advice on what she should do, so I can pass it along to her...
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    Byzantine Churches in Greece

    I am fascinated by the Byzantine Empire and in particular, the churches that are done in the Byzantine style. I want to visit some while I am in Greece. I will be flying into Athens, but I will go anywhere in Greece - I am thinking to try to visit at least on or two of them during my time I the...
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    Taramasalata - Potato or Soaked Bread?

    I have seen recipes for taramasalata that use bread, and I have seen some that use potato. What is the difference? Which is easier to make? Which is creamier? I have seen a similar difference in recipes for skordalia ... some use potato, some use bread. I have never made taramasalata myself and...
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    Do you put tomato sauce in your pastitsio?

    The tomato paste was in the ground meat and there was a little bit of cinnamon flavor in it! I love that you said there will be no pastitsio police hahaha. That hit home, because I have been paranoid that a family member would find out I changed the family recipe a little bit and then yell at me...
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    Do you put tomato sauce in your pastitsio?

    How is it different? I am intrigued!
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    Favorite Saronic Gulf Islands?

    I have never been to any of the Saronic Gulf islands. They intrigue me, especially since they are so close to Piraeus and ferries run regularly. Next time I go to Greece, I plan on visiting some of them. My question is - do you have any favorites? I plan to visit Aegina and Hydra for sure, and...
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    Do you put tomato sauce in your pastitsio?

    I recently had a pastitsio that I thought was delicious, so I asked for the recipe. I was surprised that there was some tomato sauce in it! My family never did that. So, I made it according to the recipe, and I loved it - but I am still not 100% sure if I would have liked it better without the...
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    Athens Metro Station with Artifacts?

    What is the name of the metro station in Athens that has the artifacts on display? I heard about it and want to see it, but I am not sure it is worth going out of my way for. Is there more than ne to see? I love artifacts and am just looking for more detail. I will be in the city for just a few...
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    Using Masticha in Cooking

    As you can probably tell by my user name, I love Masticha. There's something about it! I like to keep a small bottle in the fridge, and when I sip it I like it cold with no ice. Can I cook with it? Like add it to baklava syrup or something? The flavor is pretty delicate, I am not sure if the...
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    Various Ways to Use Greek Yogurt

    I love Greek yogurt and I currently am learning how to make it. I thought I would share with you all what I do with it. Some of it is in "Greek cooking", and I also have other uses. My list: I blend the yogurt into my morning smoothies with fruit for added protein - I don't like protein powder...
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    Learning Greek percussion

    I am a percussionist (hand drumming) and usually when I jam out with other Greek musicians, I usually play the bongos. I decided that I want to learn the traditional Greek hand drums but the problem is, I don't know what the drums are called and where I can get one. I looked online but since I...
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    Getting started making Greek yogurt

    I decided I want to make my own Greek yogurt. I have a yogurt machine and in general, plan to follow the instructions that came with the machine. Besides that, is there anything special that I need to keep in mind when making Greek yogurt? I plan to buy a kit with Greek yogurt cultures to use...
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    Learning Greek Dances

    Does anyone know of any good resources for learning Greek dances? I looked on YouTube - there are some tutorials but not for all the dances I would like to learn. Festival season is coming up and I want to learn more about the dancing so I can join in. I know, I can join the line at the end and...
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    What is your Greek Easter Menu?

    It's time to start deciding what to serve for Easter! I thought I would share our menu (much simplified this year). I am curious what other people do! Our menu: Grilled leg of lamb Salad Roasted potatoes Spanakopita (appetizer) For dessert - various Greek pastries, like koulourakia (of course)
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    History of the Orthodox Church in Greece

    Hmmm... does anyone know of a book I can read besides the study Bible that could give some information? There really isn't much online! Thank you to those who have chimed in so far!