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    What is the nightlife like in Thessaloniki?

    How is the nightlife in Thessaloniki? I have friends who are planning a wedding in the area, but they are not originally from Thessaloniki. I have been, but I only went to one bar while I was there, and I didn't really venture out much. The people in the group love to dance in clubs, and they...
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    List of Greek Coffee Drinks

    I heard that Greeks have different coffee drinks from what we have. Question - can you go to a cafe and also get some of the coffee drinks we are used to, like a cappuccino or espresso? Anyway, what are the popular coffee drinks of Greece? Greek coffee made in that little pot Freddo Frappe...
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    Drinking Tea in Greece

    Which teas are the most popular in Greece to drink? I love tea, and I will be in Greece soon. Trying to figure out what I should bring, and then what I can take home from Greece. I drink green tea and chamomile tea all the time. I'd be lost without chamomile. I remember seeing it a lot in...
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    Did I Miss Turtle Season?

    I have always wanted to see the turtles in Kefalonia. They come to the beach to lay eggs or something once a year or so, right? Did I miss it? I Might have to wait until next year to do this. Does anyone have an advice? I was originally planning to go n September, but I think if that is the...
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    Best way to get to Ikaria?

    I am trying to plan a trip to Greece and I want to go to the island of Ikaria. What is the best way to get here? It appears as if they have an airport? Are flights common? What about taking a Ferry? I am debating whether to spend a prolonged time in Athens or if I should just go right to...
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    Having cell service while in Greece?

    I have an unlocked iPhone and will be traveling to Greece. While in country, I make a lot of calls to restaurants, friends, etc, so I will likely need some kind of a SIM card for Greece while there. What do you guys think is the best way to do this? What do you do while in Greece? It's just so...
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    Samaria Gorge - Do I need to hike the whole thing?

    I am leaning towards taking the ferry to the village and hiking in just a bit from that way - from what I understand, this is where all the best views are anyway?
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    Grilling Keftedes?

    I love to grill and I am planning to cook some souvlaki. Also on the menu for my little gathering this weekend are keftedes. Is it possible to grill them? Should I put them on skewers or on a grill pan in order to do this? I usually just fry them but it's been hot so I want to minimize how much...
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    Best Greek Seasonings for Meat?

    I am wondering if Greeks use dill on meats, like maybe chicken and other poultry? I tried it on steak and I am not sure I like it, but I am wondering if I would like it in a seasoning blend. I have a family member who loves dill, and I am really trying to put it in more foods. However, I am...
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    Versatile Greek Seasoning Blend for Meat

    This looks great! I might be tempted to put a little dried dill in this to see how it tastes, but I am not sure. I have been trying to find ways to expand my seasoning horizons and I have been really trying to make dill work.
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    What else can I do with dill?

    I have never thought to use dried dill. I have a lot of trouble growing fresh dill so I am going to try using dried (store bought) before I make another attempt to grow it. It goes to seed so fast and dies back quickly so I am not sure it is worth growing!
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    Samaria Gorge - Do I need to hike the whole thing?

    I am not sure I am up for an 11 mile hike (I think that is how long it is!). Do I need to hike the whole thing to take some great photos of the gorge? I am trying to picture what it is like there. In another thread, someone said to take the ferry to Sfakia. I Heard that you can see some of it...
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    Best photo spots on Crete?

    This is some great advice! I agree about Chania because I have seen some amazing pics of the Venetian Harbor area and the city seems so beautiful. Good advice about getting there early. Also, great advice about the Gorge, Gardens, Monasteries, Beaches etc. Seems like a lovely island with plenty...
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    Best photo spots on Crete?

    I am planning a trip to Crete this year and I am wondering where some of the best places to take photos might be. Someone recommended that I should hike the Samaria gorge and take photos along the way because the scenery is amazing, but I am not sure I am up for that. I also know that I could...
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    What else can I do with dill?

    I want to grow dill but I can only think of one use for it in Greek cooking. How do you use dill? I sometimes put it in my spanakopita or hortopita. My non-Greek cuisine recipes include making a dill sauce for salmon, for pickling, as a garnish. Is dill in tzatziki? I have never made that from...
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    Fresh herbs for Greek cooking

    I am planning my herb garden for the year and I thought I would be sure to grow herbs popular in Greek cooking. Here's my list - did I miss anything? - Spearmint - I love this one in spanakopita, Horta, and keftedes - Dill - I sometimes put dill in my spanakopita and other dishes - Shallots -...
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    Events leading up to the Greek War for Independence?

    The Greek War for Independence is celebrated March 25th and that is just around the corner. It got me thinking about the events that led up to the war, because we are about in that time period to think about it. When I study this, what topics or events do you recommend I look up?
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    Fish to use in a fish soup?

    I have seen some threads talking about Greek fish soup so I went to investigate and looked up some recipes. Each recipe talks about different forms of fish and seafood I could use! This is an example of what I see: - Scallops - Lobster - Shrimp - Cod - Salmon - Grouper - Tilapia What do they...
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    Making chicken kapama?

    This might be similar to what I am trying to cook. Do people typically use rice or orzo in the dish, or is this a different dish than what I am thinking of?
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    Help with judging rice amounts in pilafi

    My friend makes a great chicken pilafi and towards the end, she adds orzo or rice. She uses 1 whole, cute up chicken with the bone in, and cooks it in a mixture of herbs, spices, and tomato paste. Then she said, "look at at the liquid to determine how much rice or orzo to put, then measure it in...