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    Are melamakarona and finikia the same thing?

    I had thought I never made melamakarona but then when I got the recipe from a friend, it looks exactly like my finikia recipe. Are they basically the same thing with a different name? Here is my Finikia recipe and aside from some minor differences, it looks the same as my friend's Melamakarona...
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    Thesmorphia - Ancient Greek Thanksgiving Festival

    I have heard this festival described as an "Ancient Greek Thanksgiving" so I thought I would look it up. Very interesting! I don't see the "Thanksgiving" connection (not the way we in the US think of it) but I thought it was interesting because it goes to show you that gratitude-related...
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    Foods to Serve at a "Greek Style" American Thanksgiving

    I know that many of us celebrate "American Thanksgiving" - those of us who live in the United States. I have always found it to be an interesting mix of traditional, American Thanksgiving foods and Greek favorites. What do you guys serve? We are either serving this year, or have in the past...
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    Book a Private Tour in Greece

    Thank you! Someone told me you can also ask around at your hotel but I am not sure how reliable this is.
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    Greece at Christmas?

    I think I might want to visit Greece for Christmas this year. Do you have any tips? Some things I am thinking: Seems I might want to be there for a month? Maybe from December 6 to January 6? From what I understand that is considered "the season" I of course want to go to church - especially on...
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    Galaktboboureko Custard Fell Apart

    I tried making galaktoboureko the other day - I had made this recipe before but it had been a while. The end result is that the custard/filling part was far too runny. I followed the instructions exactly (or so I thought, recipe was hard to follow because it was hand written). What could...
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    Book a Private Tour in Greece

    I have some friends who came back from Greece and they had a lovely time and saw a lot. Across the board, they all agreed that the best way to see a place is to book a private, local tour. They did that in places like Mykonos, Aegina, Santorini, and even the Athens area and each time they did...
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    How expensive is Mykonos?

    I won't be going this year, but I am starting to plan for next year. I plan to be in a Greece for at least a month and someone I am traveling with is adamant about wanting to experience some clubs in Mykonos. I think it does look fun, but I am concerned with whether or not it is expensive. I...
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    Are there pumpkins in Greek cooking?

    I have some pumpkins I want to cook with... I would love to experiment with using it in a Greek dish. I know there is a type of pita that involves pumpkin. I have a recipe somewhere, so I do plan to try that. Is there anything else you guys can think of? There has to be more!
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    How long to spend in Meteora?

    I think that even though Meteora is doable as a day trip, it's a tough one and a long day. I would personally at least stay overnight!
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    Top Greek Phrases to Know for Greece Trip

    In an ideal world, I would be proficient in the Greek language ahead of my trip. Sadly, for me that takes a long time. Even though I started studying Greek and have been consistent, I am not where I want to be. I am trying to decide on twenty of the most important phrases/ words to get...
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    Fried zucchini came out soggy

    I have a lot of zucchini from my garden and also that people have given me. I have already made a few batches of zucchini in tomato sauce so I've decided to fry some. My first batch was soggy and I don't know what went wrong! Help?!
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    Greek No Bake Cheesecake

    In another thread I was asking about cheesecake. Chef Pemi said that they prefer no bake cheesecake? I find this interesting. I went online searching for recipes but it's been hard and there is a lot of variety. Seems like they include cream cheese, Greek yogurt, vanilla extract? Firstly, I...
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    Is there a Greek Cheesecake?

    I am very fascinated by the Greek no-bake cheesecake concept. I want to try to find a recipe - I will post a separate thread about it.
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    Greek God of Fire Relationship

    I have a question for all you mythology aficionados... The Greek God of Fire, Hephaestus, is not really talked about in Greek mythology. I didn't know until recently that he was the husband of Aphrodite!? She seems to overpower him in the "relationship". Is there any information about their...
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    Greek Soft Cheeses Advice

    Is there a Greek cheese that is creamy, like a cream cheese, quark, or even a ricotta? I am asking because I want to make a cheesecake, using a somewhat typical "New York Style" cheesecake recipe, but I wanted to sub the cheese for a Greek cheese so that I can call it "Greek Style Cheesecake"...
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    Is there a Greek Cheesecake?

    Do Greeks make cheesecake? I see recipes that involve ingredients like Greek yogurt, but I am not sure these are actually Greek. Most recipes seem to use a combination of Greek yogurt and cream cheese, maybe some cream and eggs. Also, some of these recipes top the cheesecake with crumbled...
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    Calling Greece from US for Free to Book Travel?

    I need to figure out how to call Greece from the United States for free! Any advice? I no longer have a landline. Someone said I could use Skype for free? I don't have Skype, though, so I don't want to do that. I also heard that WhatsApp has some options? I have a friend that called the US...
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    Piraeus Archaeological Museum

    I am going to spending some time in the Piraeus area for a night or so this fall before boarding a ferry. I decided to stay closer to the port rather than in the center of Athens. I noticed that there was a museum in Piraeus! Is this worth visiting? I have never heard of it. I imagine it maybe...
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    Type of Rice for Rice Pudding?

    I make rice pudding all the time. Usually, I use leftover steamed rice from when I made rice for dinner. I noticed in a cookbook somewhere that Greeks tend to use short grain rice like Arborio for their rice pudding when they make it from scratch. Does it make a huge difference? What kind of...