1. k_tsoukalas

    Spending Christmas in Greece

    I have never been! Hopefully someone who has will chime in. I will say, after reading your writeup, I am definitely intrigued.
  2. k_tsoukalas

    Greek Chicken Souvlaki Recipe

    Souvlaki is one of my favorite dishes. I make it a fair amount. Chicken is the easiest for me but it seems to me you can use any meat! The key is to give everything enough time to marinate.
  3. k_tsoukalas

    Ski Resorts in Greece

    I have never been to Greece in the winter! I am curious what people think of this list or if people can share their experiences.
  4. k_tsoukalas

    My Favorite Greek Spoon Sweets

    My personal favorite is the orange one. I have a friend who makes a grape one and that is delicious, too. She mixes in walnuts with the grapes to give the whole thing a texture change! Spoon sweets are delicious and easy to make.
  5. k_tsoukalas

    Need Packing Advice for Greece for December

    This time of year I would plan on the 30s! I see people in Athens wearing wool coats, etc on the streets. So they're in their cold season now...
  6. k_tsoukalas

    A Melamakarona Recipe

    I can do the conversions myself but I am wondering if you can share for the American style of cooking? So cups instead of grams for example. Maybe this will help others who are in different markets? If I end up doing the conversions I will come back and share in this thread.
  7. k_tsoukalas

    Foods to Serve at a "Greek Style" American Thanksgiving

    We always have turkey, mashed potatoes, squash, stuffing. For Greek stuff, sometimes we make the rice and chestnut "stuffing" dish. Then for dessert, we have apple pie, pumpkin pie, and sometimes Greek stuff like Ek Mek Kataifi and baklava.
  8. k_tsoukalas

    Thesmorphia - Ancient Greek Thanksgiving Festival

    I found this really fascinating! I guess it makes sense, that other cultures have a "thanksgiving" sort of celebration. I wonder if people in Greece still honor something like this?
  9. k_tsoukalas

    Things to Do in Mykonos at Christmas

    I agree, it seems like a great thing being in Greece for the holidays! I bet it doesn't matter where you are, you'll still find something to do. Mykonos, though, seem like a great place. I love the shopping there - I bet you'll find some great gifts!
  10. k_tsoukalas

    Healthy Greek Foods to Eat During the Holidays

    I agree about Greek salad. If you make spanakopita I would dial back on butter and maybe even make the spanakopita with olive oil.
  11. k_tsoukalas

    Learn How Feta is Made!

    Wow! Great video! I think it would be fun to go to a place in Greece where they make feta to check it out. And maybe get some samples. LOL
  12. k_tsoukalas

    Greek Pomegranates Tradition for Christmas

    Up until about two or so years ago, I didn't realize they were symbolic for Christmas but I never knew why. Thanks for sharing this! Pomegranates must be in season now because they were easy to find in the stores.
  13. k_tsoukalas

    Making Delicious Loukoumades at Home?

    WOW!!! I never thought to put chocolate on it - wow those other options sound so delicious. I only had loukoumades once in Greece and they had honey on them, but come to think of it, I have seen different version of them in other places. Do they do chocolate sauce? I can picture putting thinly...
  14. k_tsoukalas

    Fun Side Trips While Staying in Athens

    I love Rick Steve's work. It's so fun and helpful. I loved that video you shared - I have never been to hydra and I want to! It's an easy day trip from Athens from what I understand but I might be tempted to stay there because it looks so cool.
  15. k_tsoukalas

    Choosing the Right Cut of Lamb for Greek Food

    So my favorites from the list are lego of lamb and lamb shank. I actually grill my leg of lamb! I rotate it on the grill until it's cooked. I brush it with ladolemono throughout the cooking process. I love lamb shank and order it when I go out, but I don't tend to cook that. I love to save some...
  16. k_tsoukalas

    Planning What to See in Corfu

    Do you know I have never been to Corfu, at least that I can remember. If I went, I might have been young. I am most intrigued by the cuisine differences from place to place in Greece. Very fascinating. What is Sofrito? I Have heard of it but have never eaten it.
  17. k_tsoukalas

    My Favorite Greek Bread Recipe

    So, I make bread all the time. One thing that I do with "Greek bread" that I don't do with other breads is I add some olive oil to the dough. It gives it a texture closer to the bread I was finding in Greece. Sometimes I add some chopped olives, or maybe even experiment with making it with...
  18. k_tsoukalas

    Oia Santorini Sunset Cruise

    I am going to have to remember this for the next time I am in Santorini. I hadn't planned out where to watch sunset when I was there and it was a bit frustrating, wandering around, trying to find a spot.
  19. k_tsoukalas

    Top Greek Cheeses to Use Outside of Greece

    This is one of my favorite cheeses! I am lucky to have a Greek market near me - but I know that not everyone has this luxury. I agree that this one should be added to the list!
  20. k_tsoukalas

    Best Greek Islands for Off the Beaten Track Travel

    I have never been to any of these places but they sound great! Hopefully other people can chime in with their experiences.