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This museum features some of the best and most world renowned pieces from the ancient times in the Cycladic islands. I really like this museum because it showcases region specific artwork in Greece rather than art from the entire country. I also like how it focusses on a specific time. So that I can compare with the other museums and see how the art has changed over time and across the regions. Have any of you been to this museum? Please let me know your experience :)

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I have never been to this museum, but here is the official information:

Thanks for the question! 🇬🇷


This looks like such a cool place, I am eager to visit it the next time I am in Athens!

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Tips on making your trip to the Acropolis kid friendly!

Many activities in Greece can be kid friendly, as long as you make some minor adjustments. The acropolis is a great place to visit but it can get a bit tiring for young kids who don't like being in the sun or walking up a lot of stairs. My first recommendation is to go very early in the morning, or late afternoon when there is not a lot of sun. Make sure the little ones are wearing hats and sunscreen and they are very hydrated. I suggest that you don't spend too much time at the top of the acropolis, but rather take a stroll through the museum and have a snack at the Café that overlooks the Acropolis. As always, you can make the experience more fun by getting some goodies at the gift shop.

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My favourite Athens suburb

I just love Exarcheia and these videos give a great insight into its unique and colourful nature.

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